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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What can I say ~

Our brief warm weather spell has left us.
But the sun shines and the skies are blue so I won't fuss too much.
Mostly because, before I can go out in warmer weather, I will need to go into the vestidor and get down the summer clothes.
This chore ... I am not ready for.
What can I say ~ I am very low energy lately.
We took a walk to L'epi where we loaded up on French bread, croissants, brioche and various crunchy things.. some of these will find themselves the ingredients of a Bread Pudding.. the rest will find themselves eaten before the week is out.
We have been doing some planning for our Visitors ..
Plans to be tourists for a couple of weeks in our "home" town..
That and far flung vague sort of plans for What Do We Want To Do For The Rest Of Our Lives.
This is a game we play now and then.
In the past, this game has led us to make big moves .. you know the sort .. one day you live in Florida, the next you are in Oregon.
Or the extreme case, one day you are in Oregon, looking at the latest issue of Travel and Leisure, the next you are in Buenos Aires.
So pay attention, be careful, this can happen to you too.

But then we take a walk and I discover a little street like this, where Time seems to have stopped, the houses are charming, there is no traffic to speak of and well, look at it, wouldn't you love to live there ?
I have been putting a lot of time into my photography.
It keeps my mind on Other Things.
I enjoy posting my photos on Tumblr and I have ambitions of finding a place here where I can get some things enlarged and framed.
It just requires more Spanish than I am up to at the moment.

This is a building on the street where L'epi is located .. how perfect that the building across the street is beautiful.
Spring is here, trees are budding, it doesn't get dark quite as early and birds are everywhere. This morning I was getting ready to leave the house, listening to the parrots squabbling in the courtyard.
Some mornings it is baby doves fussing at their mama doves, other days it is parrots.
What can I say ~ it's Buenos Aires .


  1. Sold!

    I could move there tomorrow!

    Great pictures (as always).

  2. Wow beautiful pictures! And thank you for every comment on my blog. Im so glad you like the inspiration.
    Have a great weekend:))


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