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Friday, September 9, 2011


In about 2 months, we will have visitors .
This is a long over-due visit.
There are lists being made, ideas being tossed around, plans for day trips and shopping and eating and music and entertainment being mulled.
This is coming just at the right time, although there really is no bad time for loved ones to visit ..
I am already thinking of where to go to eat , what to cook and how to make things as appealing and welcoming as possible.
Of course, I sometimes give in to the daydream of What if they liked it so much they decided to live here ... what if there was a job just for him ... what if , what if ...
So far I am browsing through my favorite Buenos Aires blogs, and seeing if I can get ideas.
I am thinking of places we have not been and will now go with them, seeing it all together for the first time.
I am thinking of how far can we go and can I get there without having to take a boat .. Boats and I .. we don't agree.

From now on, there will be ideas tossed out, hashed over and some will be saved and some will go out the window.

Right now, the idea of a day trip North to another town , a day trip to the Delta and perhaps a day trip to an Estancia are in the mulling stage.
Fun times are ahead.


  1. Good luck with all preparations!!! I know just how you feel after a long well, unfortunately! I'm trying to enjoy fall now and I'm not thinking about the looong winter ahead. I look at it this way: a wonderful fall and very soon Christmas :) Have a lovely weekend!

    Love, KRistin

  2. It's so nice to have company that you really look forward to. The preparations, the ponderings, the shopping...
    It is cooling off here and I feel as though I can be more active now. Hope all goes smooothly for your preparations and the wonderful visit (and visitors)!

  3. Kristin, My mind is full of lists and recipes and guide books.
    Today was warm, tonight is cold. I know Summer will be here and will last a long time so I am trying not to be impatient :)
    We have a hot Christmas ... something I will never get used to.

    Kathy, Company of this sort is what I crave :)
    I am trying to think of how to convince them that they should live here.


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