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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cold but Cozy

Another freezing cold day !
I am glad not to be living in one of those places where it is constantly summer, but this kind of cold winter is more suited to the Northeast US..
If someone were to ask me.... which no one has, but if they did .. I would let them know how I am not that thrilled with this sort of cold , day after day !
Of course I am not so cranky about it when riding in a taxi .. it is when I am walking for blocks in the wind that I get a bit cranky.

But it is so beautiful here in winter, I can control my whining.
I am glad to have Summer , I love the Autumn and Spring here is breathtaking.
So Winter can hang around a little longer and be a little colder if it wants to be ..
At least we are not buried in snow.
We walk a little less and take more Taxis and Pup takes very short walks now.
I am thankful for all those wonderful warm coats and clothes that I brought with me.
I never thought I would need a shearling coat here but thank goodness I have it, it has been worn quite a lot lately.
Pup has his own shearling and while he is desperate for a haircut, he must be quite cozy inside that nice warm coat of his.

We had to buy some goodies to have around the house while staying in out of the cold.
Our favorite French bakery was the first stop, the cupboards are full of chocolate croissants and french bread for all the sandwiches I will make to go with the soup I am making.Tonight - Mulligitawny soup and Salmon sandwiches.
Pup had his dinner already .. a blend of kibble and roast chicken ... he said something like .. "Delish" .. but his mouth was full so I could have been mistaken.

Walking through the neighborhood, I am constantly charmed by the architecture..
I just wish I could go inside and take a look around. Maybe I can talk someone into doing those Home tours where you get to see how they decorated .. I just have to perfect my Spanish .. ha !


  1. I never would have thought that it would EVER be cold there. Funny how a person's perception of something is actually so different from reality. It's nice that you did bring that warm coat with you. And I bet Pup doesn't want you to EVER cut his hair. At least not for the season. He looks good. Glad he is doing well.

  2. Yeah, it gets cold here in winter.. just the opposite time . Which might work out because there is always half a world that has warm temps if one really needs to Run Away !
    I have always loved the look of Pup with a full coat of hair.. he feels incredible, the largest stuffed toy you can imagine..
    Thanks, he needs a bath. We are going to give him one here at home, part by part . TGIF ~

  3. when i was living in ba i was constantly daydreaming about coordinating a house tour! i really think you could do it (and lots of gringos would pay good pesos for a peek inside some of those fab recoleta homes). xoxojess


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