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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Boy is it cold out.

The Sun might be shining but Boy! is it cold out !
I might have gotten thin blood from living in a place that is pretty warm most of the year or it might just be cold out !
Pup is lying in the spot where the sun is shining in the French doors, he is no dummy.
I am tempted to go lie in the sunny spot with him.

I think the cold is breaking records here, not sure, but I know that most of the people here do not love cold weather. They are more of the sitting in the warm sunshine at a park, a cafe or just anywhere type of people..

They like to tan here.
When Spring starts to show the slightest hint of a return, men and women will all be out in the cafes and parks, faces turned towards the sun.
As the sun moves across the sky, so do the people in their chairs, turning to keep that sunshine on their faces.
Like human sun dials..

Right now, I would just be glad to feel my legs again.
They turned to ice sometime this morning when we had to walk ( 2 blocks) to the vet to pick up some medicines. They have yet to thaw out.
I know they are still there, I can see them but I don't feel them.

People still take their babies to the park and let them ride the Merry Go Round and play on the swings.
I want to go touch the babies and see if they are frozen yet.
Are they really having fun or has the cold made them delirious.
I think it has made me delirious, I think cafe con leche and some hot apple crumble might help.


  1. Keep warm! For me if it isn't snowing or an biting ice storm it isn't cold. Your photo does not look cold. I am liking your music here. Cheers!

  2. Glad you like the music !
    The photo of the 3 of us huddled in the living room by the radiator might look colder but I am not sharing that one lol.
    besitos !


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