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Thursday, July 28, 2011

This and that

It is a beautiful day in Buenos Aires !
The sun is shining, it is not too cold and Pup woke up apparently pain free.
We were able to take a short ( very very short) walk and he is now resting.
I think , since I am unable to leave him alone , I will stay in and do some Balcony gardening.
I have discovered that plants grow fast and large here. It must be the heat/water/sun combo on my terrace because the Jade plant has become a Jade shrub and is working on becoming a Jade tree.
I am worrying about the amount of weight the balcony can take, it is 100 years old, after all.

Later, there might be photos of finished gardens. or just Pup lolling around, making the most of being waited on hand and paw.

Meanwhile, I am typing this with a pair of glasses on, with only one thingee over the ear.
For some reason, they are staying perfectly straight and I can see.
But this is a little ridiculous, I must leave the Pup here alone and go to the eyeglass store and tell them to do whatever they have to do but fast and get me a new pair of glasses and get back here fast.
I have no idea what style to get, mine are so old and nice , I never wanted to change them.
The large Mr Peepers kind of frames are not for me. I will look like a bug.
Little nerdy glasses with black frames ? What about something ultra cool and trendy ? But ....
what is the trend?
The answer to all of these questions, later ... chau ~


  1. I have several Jades myself. :-)

    As for the glasses, I say you go trendy/chic. I see you as a chic woman.

    You ARE a chic woman, aren't you?


    Hugs from Mpls,


  2. Jade plants are good. They live.
    I went with trendy/chic.
    Sort of tortoishell Prada-ish style..
    I am a woman .. These days, I don't know how I would describe me. Scary comes to mind right now.


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