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Friday, July 15, 2011

Frenchness , Harry Potter and Time

Over the past year or so, my husband and I have played with the idea of living somewhere else. I imagine from past trips , from my love of museums, music and old places, that Paris would suit me fine. Not to mention the food, fashion and how much the French like their dogs .. the Frenchness of life in Paris is so appealing ~

Frenchness summing up everything that I like about France .. not the bad stuff .. like high taxes, cost of living and ridiculous cost of housing.
Frenchness like this street, rue de Grenelle,where we rented an apartment one year and pretended that we lived there.
This was our neighborhood, Cafe Roussillon was "our" corner cafe, the fromagerie on rue Cler was "our cheese shop" .. after dinner at night, we would walk two blocks over and watch the Eiffel Tower twinkle ..until we scurried back to the warm apartment where we could continue to watch the twinkling from our bed.
But things have changed, I think.
I am unable to imagine only two of us on this adventure, when it should be three.
I have started wondering about living here forever, perhaps in another building but then, why ? this one is so nice.
Maybe I can change all the windows and block out the noise better, then I think it would be close to perfect.
Would a Paris apartment be that perfect ?
I like this street in the photo.
The three of us walk here and shop in our favorite Boulangerie, buying fresh buttery croissants, loaves of yeasty soft bread for the week, something sweet for tea.
I might not mind living in this area.
But then, Pup likes it just fine where we are .
So here we stay.

We went to see Harry Potter today.
We loved it.
I was sad , it was the last one.
It was great.
I saw that the vet had called twice while we were away ..
I thought there is no more bad news possible, it can wait until I get home.
I called when we got home and she was telling me something but so quickly that I thought I did not hear correctly ( and she was speaking English!) so I repeated it back to her.
More blood test results?
His red blood cells are regenerating ?
Yes, his bone marrow is active and he is rejuvenating red blood cells . . so in her words..
"We have more time with Pup " ...


Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Candice:
What wonderful news from the vet. We are so pleased for you, and Pup of course.

Possibly, we feel, Paris is best kept as a precious and beautiful memory. It is never wise to go back to try to capture the past in the present.

aBroad said...

Thank you Jane and Lance !
Oh, we have been to Paris so many times , the husband lived there 100 years ago .. there are lots of good memories stored away and there is always room for new ones.

Sandra said...

Hi Candice!
Is there a person on Earth who wouldn't like to live in Paris? Thank God for our Recoleta that allows us to pretend we are in Paris from time to time.
Great news about Pup! Just live day by day, nobody knows what will happen tomorrow, to any of us.
And thanks for the support today on TA.

Four Dinners said...

France is very's full of French but nowhere is perfect...;-)

...sorry...I'll get me coat...;-)

..behave Dinners....can't....soz...;-)

aBroad said...

Sandra, exactly ! We can have the best of both worlds, living in Recoleta and visiting Paris. I am sure I would miss BA after a couple of days away ... Yes, thank you .. you are so right, none of us knows what tomorrow will bring . Muchas besos, mi amiga y de nada ...
Dinners... don't you dare get your coat, stay right there ..

Anonymous said...

So pleased to think that Pup is moving, albeit slowly, on the uphill. Best of luck to you all.


P.K said...

Good news for the Pup and you. Yes, you would miss BA. I was there for only 10 days, and as my plane readied for take off, I had tears in my eyes, never happened to me before. You live in a fabulous city, even with its challenges.

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