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Monday, July 18, 2011

Feeling a bit impatient ...

I am feeling a bit ... impatient.
There is an article in the New York Times about people not answering emails.
I skimmed the article because , to be frank, I have heard most of it before.
It tried my patience.
I find it boring, in a way, to read about other people not answering emails or sending them to people who don't answer.
How would these people deal with a day when not one single person sent them an email ?
Would they freak out ? would they start emailing everyone asking what is wrong ?
Or is it just the cool thing to say, oh I get so many emails I can't read them all ..sigh.. so many people email me all day .. I am so popular .. poor me ....

I use email as I would a phone these days, living on another planet from the people in my family, my old friends and friends that also live on other planets ( like the UK and France) .. Email has been a gift of sorts for me.

I have traveled quite a lot in the past few years.
Being able to contact anyone at any time from wherever I am, to wherever they are ( the baby boy in Nepal, the daughter in Brussels) is beyond any praise worthy words I can think of.

I don't work in an office and I don't have people/friends who send me things that are annoying. I have gotten "chain" mail once or twice but I just delete it and go on with the day and no one feels bad and I didn't have to be interviewed by the New York Times over how irritating it is to have people contact me by email.

I remember the days when there was no email.. yeah, back in the Stone Age when telephones, the sort that were hooked to the wall, were the means of communication.
If the phone rang late at night, you immediately were alarmed, why is someone calling so late??
If the phone didn't ring, you wondered why?
If you were on the phone, you thought someone else might be trying to call ..

If you had two teenagers in the house, the phone became an object to wage war over, a prize going to the owner of the cleanest room, or being a prize to dangle over their heads if you wanted them to do something for you .... say .. go to the store and pick up a carton of milk for me , please ?

I would be unhappy without email.
I might even think about not living so far from loved ones, if we were not able to be in contact so easily, so instantly.
So what if someone sends you a chain mail email... so what if someone sends you jokes or terrible photos ..
You know what ? I send my friends photos all the time.
What if they think they are terrible and I am annoying ?
I'll tell you what ... all they have to do is delete them.

Not like the Old Days when you had to worry about answering the phone because it might be someone you didn't want to talk to .. or a telemarketer .. then you had to
1- not answer the phone, just let it ring
2- let the machine pick it up .. how tedious
3- answer the damn thing and then hang up on the machine that is calling you !

I want to be more patient.
I was never patient.
I still have time.
I hope.

“Patience is the ability to end our expectations.”


  1. I love email, cell phones and computers the internet

    So glad Pup got good news and glad he could play in the park

  2. Thank you !
    I like my toys too :)

  3. hi candice just off to Londo LOVE YOUR MUSICn for 2 weeks and uk tour apresto Love fay xx

  4. My sentiments completely!!!!

  5. Bon Voyage Fay, " see " you when you get back !
    Gracias, Anony, besitos.

  6. Phones in the night are really scary. I prefer e-mails too. How did we live before blogs that inspire us.

  7. asi ... I hate phones in the night . Although the worst phone calls I received, came on bright sunny days when it seemed nothing horrible could happen.

    Before blogs that inspired, I guess books inspired me .. or people I knew. Now with blogs, there are just So Many !!! All that inspiration all the time, how Fabulous is that ! ? Besitos !


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