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Saturday, June 4, 2011

This 'n That

photo source: My Buenos Aires Travel Guide

Pup seems to be better. Energy, smiles again and likes a good joke.
It is cold. Winter hit hard. We have the heat on, winter coats and gloves are being worn and that person who was saying how much she liked winter here and was tired of the summer... did not shut up about how cold she was today ...
But then .......... The Recoleta Cultural Center has a new exhibit, a huge, wonderful, vast exhibit of Doisneau photos !!!

We stopped by but there were so many people there ! imagine that !!! and they annoyed the person who likes to complain .. so we are going back during the week when hopefully we can have the place to ourselves.. or close to it.
It seemed even colder when we left so we scurried home to a napping Pup and a warm house and spent the rest of the day, watching the telly, reading ( I started a good so far, murder mystery ) and playing with a recouperating and silly Pup. Everyones hearts are lighter around here .. even the neighbors who ask about him and are so sweet and thoughtful.

Sunday ... depends on how cold it is. Antiques or shopping for new clothes .. how hard is that choice?

Hope your weekend is going well !


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