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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pups, Radiators , Coat Karma and My Bag !

Nothing special about today other than the Pup is increasingly better, getting back to his old self, making me laugh all the time. I will hold on to this and not think about tomorrow.

It is cold.
So the radiator in the bathroom broke.
We had a bit of a hard time finding someone from the company to talk to about this 3 year old la dee da gadget that just quit working, on perhaps the coldest day so far.
Not to mention having to talk to them in Spanish. My husband managed.. he is brilliant.
Hopefully, heat will be back in a week .. if not, I will buy the most basic heater for the bathroom and never buy something imported and supposedly "better" again.
grumble grumble.

I am going to buy a down coat.
Then it will warm up again.
This is my Coat Karma.
I like to buy coats.
Back in the US as well as in Paris, I bought some pretty nice coats and jackets.
I want something new.
I thought a nice down coat would work well. Slim cut, black and light as a feather, warm as toast. So I found one.
Now I have to go through my Should I or Should I Not discussion with Myself .
So far, the Yes votes are outweighting the You Don't Need Another Coat votes.

Pup had his check up, things are progressing beautifully.
He got a "cigar" for being such a good boy, he carried it in his mouth all the way home, ( see photo above) where it disappeared as soon as we got inside.
I swear he swallowed it whole.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit warmer and we can get out and do something Fun.

Did I tell you that Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas has the bag that I got for Christmas ?
I guess she really liked it when she saw me with it.

She's gotta lot of nerve !

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