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Friday, May 27, 2011

Update on Everything

This will be my last update because I do not want this to turn into a sad place where you go to look for bad/sad news. I want to let you know what is going on then we will all go on as if nothing ever happened and we will not think about anything bad that can happen ..

Pup had hemangiosarcoma. This was the mass that was removed along with his spleen. Lucky for him, they were able to remove the organ that the mass attached itself to! Those cancer cells like organs like spleens, hearts, lungs and livers.
So while his heart is good, his liver and lungs are clear and his spleen is gone, he has these cells running around or hiding somewhere.
We saw an immunologist , thinking we would find new and improved ways for him to stay strong and healthy without surgery or chemo. But even the immunologist suggested chemo ...
Standard poodles live from 11 - 15 years of age. Pup will be 12 in June.
We want his last days, however many there are, to be good. We want him to enjoy his life, his walks, his friends, his playtime and his naps with his mama, while he can.
We do not intend to make his last days , days of suffering.
So he will not be getting chemotherapy .
He will be given huge amounts of love and attention and for however many days we have together, he will be as comfortable as he can be..
My hope is he will die in his sleep of old age.
So this is the news on our visit with the vets today. He had a good time at the park today, it is a bit cold out and he stayed in with the housekeeper while we went to the store and got a new computer .
Then we went to the park again. He is now napping after all the fresh air and a big dinner. He has also gained back all weight lost when sick and looks fab u lous.


  1. I think you made the right decision, and I hope that there are many, very many days, for you to enjoy Pup. Stay strong!

  2. Hello Candice:
    There is much that is very positive here and we know that you will do everything in your power to make sure that Pup gets the very most out of his life. This is surely for the best.

    Yes, take each day as it comes and make the most of it. In that way, meeting any challenges along the way is easier.

    Wishing you all a very Happy Weekend!

  3. Thank you Mym .. love you !

    Jane and Lance, thank you .. yes, I will concentrate on all the positives and block my mind to anything else. Besos..

  4. Candice--We had a black Standard awhile back that just all of a sudden got sick and a week later (on an Easter Sunday) died on our living room floor. It was heart breaking. She was 11 and had CIT. We had never heard of it. We waited about a year or two and then found the new love of our life, Bodhi, who is just a joy and we think, a reincarnation of Misty. We thought Misty was the best dog we had ever had until Bodhi. Maybe they just keep getting better and better with every incarnation! :) I am convinced that you have made the exact right choice. He will die a happy and loved dog, to be sure!

  5. Candice, he already had a long and happy life, and he will have many more happy days with you. The best is that he is unaware of everything bad, and that´s how he must continue to be. Enjoy every day!

  6. Thank you Teri, I am sorry you have been through this, I am glad you have Bodhi now to bring you joy.
    Sandra, I do comfort myself with that thought, he is not afraid and is just enjoying the days .. if we could all be so unaware of the bad stuff ! He has been doing better every day, stronger and more cheerful.
    Yesterday the vet said he was perfect as far as weight and really everything except the fact that there are cancer cells running around in him somewhere :(
    We will just take each day and be thankful he is with us ~ Gracias, mi amiga..besos


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