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But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Taking Walks in Places ....

This morning, Pup and I were talking about how we miss taking walks in places like this.
I think he liked the idea of running into the water and then hearing me make those noises that meant I was going to have to get sand out of all those curls and wet feet. He has a wicked sense of humor, that pup.
But then I reminded him of the walk we take each day, where there might not be water and sand but there is plenty of grass to roll around on or just to lie in the shade and take a nap.
Everywhere we go there are statues of people and animals and angels. Lately we have been paying more attention to the angels.
This face looks down on us each day as we walk to the park.
Today is just a lazy day, it is raining. Everyone slept well and woke fairly perky. Some of us have less perk in the morning than others so all in all, the day has been fine. Tomorrow we see the cardiologist and hopefully, if all those angels are doing their job, the right medicine for what ails Pup will be dispensed and we can get back to feeling like dancing ... or just playing in the park.

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