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Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Rainy Day in BA Town

After not being able to fall asleep until after 4 am, thanks to the party that was going on in another building, behind ours, but the party goers were out on the terrace and loud.. very loud. Causing me to lie in bed and imagine if I could spray them with a hose, throw eggs at them, call the police .. go to a hotel.
But it quieted down and I slept.
Pup apparently had no problem sleeping, he was curled up in the same position as when I said good night to him.
My husband is blessed with the ability to sleep through Everything.
I guess I make a good Look-out, I am the one who will be sitting there, all night, eyes wide open.
Staring into the dark ... argghh!

We woke to a rainy day. Lots of rain and a bit of thunder and wind and I guess this is a sign that Fall is on it's way out, making way for Winter.
There are leaves on the ground, blowing around the streets, we walked to the Park with Pup and enjoyed being the only creatures to venture out. I loved it, so did Pup. My husband , I think, would rather have been back at home with a good book.

We get Film & Arts here, on the television. We are currently enjoying a great concert from somewhere in Europe, with a young conductor Gustavo Dudamel from Brazil and the music is Ritmos De La Noche ( Night Rhythms )...
So all in all, a Perfect Rainy Day in Buenos Aires ..


  1. ugh. i hate when that happens. glad you finally got some rest.


  2. Hello Candice:
    Occasionally we have the same problem with neighbours and parties, usually at a weekend, and there is really nothing to be done but sit it out. Thankfully it is not often.

    We are enjoying the most glorious weather and so it seems very strange to be thinking of your blustery autumnal days.

    We hope that your week goes well.


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