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Thursday, May 26, 2011


At last, Autumn has arrived, full blast if you count how cold it was this morning.
How hard it was to get out from under the covers. The fact that some of us are wearing flannel pajamas and others of us walk around the house with a blanket draped over us like some ghostly pup apparition.
It is cold. People are finally wearing coats.
They always wear scarves, very French in my opinion, they wear them all year round , but now they need them.
You know when it is really chilly when the little pups wear their little coats and sweaters too. Or as someone might comment, the lady that owns that little pup must be cold..

There was quite a bit of rain for a couple of days.
With the air of recuperation and rejuvenation at home, the feeling was, Why go out ? Let's stay in and be warm and snug and not get chilled , we don't really need anything out there, do we ?
Books are being read, once again I would like to thank the gods for Kindle , and photos were taken on walks and much cooking has been going on !

The Southern Girl in me came out full force about 2 nights ago when Chicken and Dumplings were on the menu.
My North Carolina grandmother would have been proud! This is where winter gets dangerous. All those recipes and what is more comforting and warm than a cozy kitchen with delicious scents coming from it ?

Today we will venture out . A store named after a fruit is expecting us.
My days of sharing the computer with the most generous of people might be coming to an end.
As generous as he is, I am sure he is looking forward to it too.
I have all sorts of plans as to some Photo work I wish to do.
This will not be a Boring Winter.
It will be a Healing and Happy Winter and hopefully we will be looking forward to some visitors.


  1. Autumn! Sweaters and pink cheeks and adorable boots. :-) Enjoy it!


    p.s. Blogger and its comment section is trying to drive me mad, so am posting differently, otherwise it won't recognize me!

  2. "driving me mad " ... sure Pearl, blame it on Blogger :D
    Thank you for commenting with difficulty !

  3. i haven't had chickens and dumplings in eons (and never made them myself). you should post your recipe!



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