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Friday, April 1, 2011

Tree of Life ...

I like to think of these Ombu trees as the Trees of Life. Look at those roots
They are hundreds of years old and show no signs of slowing down.
Even with people using the roots for housing, graffiti backgrounds and a camp fire now and then, they just keep living and growing.
And this is not the biggest one around !

Walking back from the park the other day, a certain Pup was totally unaware of a certain group of friends, hanging out on the corner. They were filming a movie of some sort so they were waiting their turns, too bad Pup could not have been filmed when he noticed them. All the wiggles and yips and yodels would have been the stuff of an award winning film.
Funny thing is, and how sweet, the horses never get spooked or weird when he does his little love song and dance for them.
They are curious, they will lean in for a closer look, perhaps blow a little air at him, shake a head but they seem to know that he is showing his love and his delight in seeing them.

Today Pup saw the doctor. He had his biopsy done. Twice.
He was still as a statue, quiet as a mouse, good as gold. Wednesday we will hear from the doctor.
Any good thoughts, positive vibes and wishes for a super long life free of illness, send them his way. We all need this Pup to stay around for a very long time.


  1. The trees are fantastic. And so is the wonderful Pup. Prayers are a given.

  2. danielle kurihara in japanApril 1, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    I look at Pup's face and I know how much you love him. Good luck to him. On my side I have my two "girls", Japanese shibas and my "boy", a basenji. They bring so much joy and comfort.

  3. A thousand thanks Anony.

    danielle, Thank you too. I love shibas .. they have to be the cutest puppies of all .. and a basenji .. a nice quiet pup :)
    They do bring comfort and joy, don't they ?


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