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Friday, April 29, 2011

Good and Bad

So, someone will ask, how was your day ?
And the answer has to be ... well, it was Good .... and Bad.

Yesterday we took a walk with Pup.
Pup got too tired, it is my fault, I could kick myself every time I think of it .
We were walking home and went up a huge staircase, I should have gone around, it was my fault, I knew better.
Halfway up, his legs buckled , he coughed, he fell down.
He had trouble getting back up. It was my fault.

We walked home, slowly, he wobbled but he made it.
But he was panting hard and ill and I kept hoping he would rest and recover. He didn't.
He did not sleep all night, he lay on his little bed, panting hard and trying to get comfortable.
I stayed up with him. We both might have slept sometime around 4 am to 7 am ..

We got to watch the Royal Wedding.
I sent an email last night to the vet.
She called this morning and said she would be here at 12:30. She was.
She sat on the floor with him, kissing him, calling him Mi Amor and feeling all his sore bones and kissing him.
He got a shot of pain killer and went to take a nap.
I had to go to the hospital to get the final verdict from the surgeon about my leg.

After showing my leg to about half a dozen handsome young doctors and interns,.. kissing me, kissing each other, looking at my leg .. the surgeon came in and said that it was Clear, go home, the scar will disappear by next summer.
This time I kissed the doctor.

Pup was perky when we got home ! He was waiting at the door !
We walked ... slowly to the park and back.
He ate dinner ... mostly because someone was hand feeding him but he ate and now he is on his bed in the living room watching International Househunters.. he loves that show.

Tomorrow we are getting him some medicines for In Case This Happens Again.
His walks will all be short and no stairs.

So we watched the Wedding .. I loved it.
I loved everything about it.
I like to think she will grow to be this beautiful woman with that great face and beautiful smile with at least 3 or 4 children and that he will be King and they will live happily ever after..

and so will Pup..


  1. Yes, here's to long lives and happily ever afters for Pups and Princes and Princesses....and by the way, Pippas,too. I thought she was adorable.

  2. So happy that Pup perked up again, it probably was the wedding, how could anyone not feel like a million after watching that fairytale, it was just perfect! How old is Pup? Miss. Ginger the Dachshund is slowing down quite a bit at 14...I have to carry her up the hills and stairs that she used to race up, Pup is probably a bit to big for that isn't he...oh well, flat and slow is okay too!
    Best to you both...
    xo J~

  3. Hello A Broad:
    We can understand completely your feeling of distress regarding Pup. As owners we feel so incredibly responsible for them and feel bad with ourselves when we do thngs which upset them. But, Pup must surely know your love for him and we do so hope that he continues to make small steps towards improvement each day.

    Was there a wedding somewhere?

  4. So glad all is well in the Broad's Kingdom!


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