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Thursday, April 14, 2011

And Off We Go to the Hospital ~

Going to the hospital, even just a doctor visit , in a foreign country can be very stressful. Nothing is ever done "just like home " and as in our case, the language barrier can be worrisome. You are never quite sure you heard Everything correctly ....
Is he suggesting that he remove the spot or remove the leg ?? Would someone bring me a translator please~

Having been to plenty of doctors and dermatologists around the USA, I felt it only right that I get that little habit taken care of here too.
It took a couple of doctors for us to find the one we liked best.
We won't talk about the first one whose examining table was from 1902 and was in a corner of her office, with a bare light bulb dimly shining and old sheets that were rumpled ...
I could not get out of that place fast enough!
Then there was the woman that was apparently the head of some sort of Skin Department somewhere, at least she had an office with lights .. but again, her examining table was in the office, by the window, in case I wanted to be sure that the people on the terrace across the way got a good enough look at the little spot on my leg.
And then she did the one thing that would make me put her on my list of doctors I will not go to even if they are the last doctor on Earth .. she didn't wear gloves, and she had used sheets on her examining table... what the ?????

I had this little red spot on my leg for some while.
It was not going away and while it was not painful nor was it big, it was there.
Every day, no change, just there. I knew it was Bad.
So we went to the dermatologist at our hospital.
Here, you can see doctors in offices in the hospital.
With appointments and everything but it is in the hospital.. and what is great is that everything else is in the hospital too, so the lab work is done quickly, the verdict is given quickly and the surgery to remove the bad little red spot on my leg was done pretty fast.

Today I showed up with no idea what really to expect.
I had met the surgeon, he was charming and spoke English and is the Chief of Surgery with his Speciality in Skin Cancer, so I was pretty sure it was all going to be fine.

I was a little surprised that what was described to me as a quick, 15 minute procedure still required me to be in an operating theater full of nurses and another doctor and lights and drapes to hide the view from the patient.

I don't mind the drapes hiding the view of someone cutting my leg open but why are operating rooms so cold ?
I was wrapped in warm blankets and treated gently and sweetly and I have to admit that although there was a moment when things hurt.. this was so much easier than what so many people have to go through.
I felt very lucky in many ways.

When it was all over, the doctor said that the Margins are clear, that he is confident that it is all fine.
Then he kissed me goodbye. ( He kissed me hello too)...

When I was preparing to go into the surgery, the nurse asked me why we wanted to live in Buenos Aires.
I told her that we love the city but what keeps us here is the People.. the lovely warm , generous, always ready to laugh People.

So after I got my goodbye kiss from my doctor, I looked at her and said This is why we love Buenos Aires ...

I do not in any way want to promote the idea of coming here to have surgery or see a doctor.

I do want you to remember to wear your SunBlock this summer and don't let me hear any lame excuses about forgetting it.
Put it on when you get out of the shower .. make it a part of your routine before you go out the door.
I do want you to consider visiting Buenos Aires .. you have to meet the people here.. really.

And now I am going to go lie on the sofa with a book and a husband and a Pup and think about Dinner and where we are getting Take Away from.
What ? didn't you hear the doctor ?
I should take things easy, not go up steps and try not to cook ... he did say that .. I swear, he said it !


  1. LOL... I'm absolutely in agreement "no cooking" is a firm rule one needs to obey from the doctor. I'm so happy all turned out well... I was really worried when I started to read. The people in BA are fabulous!! and though I'm not missing the busy streets .. the people most definitely. There really is a warmth to them ~ and I know I will be back to Recoletta ... (not as soon as I had thought, but I will be back!!).

    Warm hugs to you and your Mr. and to the adorable Mr. Pup ... stay healthy all!! xo HHL

  2. Glad it's finally over! Relax and heal. Love MtV

  3. I'm happy to hear everything went well and so fast!

  4. Hello:
    How very worrying all of this must have been and we are so pleased that things have turned out well. We agree, foreign medical services are one aspect of living abroad which one would prefer not to have need of if at all possible.

  5. Congratulations! You met a difficult challenge with optimism and humor--in a foreign country, no less.

    I've been thinking about you and am so glad you are ok.
    Just remember--No Cooking!!!

  6. Excellent news ! I am so glad to hear that your surgery went well, and especially that the borders are clear. Now you can relax and enjoy the R&R. Regards from DH, as well, and to your DH, too. I know he is relieved and ready and willing to put in those dinner delivery orders.
    Warmest wishes to you both,

  7. Thank you !!
    No cooking will be in effect for as long as I can manage it.
    Perhaps short walks that result in shopping or cafe stops will be alright.
    Thank you so much for the good wishes.. it worked ! I feel great this morning !

  8. I hope you are still enforcing the "no cooking" rule :)
    and i want to bring willow to BA.....well, honestly i want to take her everywhere, she sees everything.
    hello to pup!

  9. Dawn !! Oh how lovely to see you here ! You are blogging again ! yay, I get to see photos of adorable little Willow !
    Of course you want to take Willow everywhere, I would too !
    Well , I bent the no cooking rule tonight and made a salad ..
    so good to see you here.. please come back again ! besos !


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