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Friday, March 25, 2011

Where do I begin ?

Let's begin with whine.
I need to get this off my chest ( my congested chest) ... I got sick and then I got sicker.
Then I got really sick.
I took strong medicines and stayed home and felt sorry for myself while my husband went sightseeing and eating out with the family.
There were times, I must admit, that even though I am a big girl, I wept a little and felt quite sorry for myself... it was my Birthday, dammit ! and family was visiting !
How bad can one's timing be ??

Pup was right there beside me , he even coughed now and then to keep me company ( or he thought I was barking at him and he replied) ..
My wonderful husband walked many many blocks to get me the particular hot Chinese soup that I like .. I drank it like a person dying of thirst then slept well that night .. keep this in mind if you have a chest/throat thing that feels like it is gonna kill you.
Chinese soup... works wonders.

Pup is walking around with a bandage hiding his Thing on his leg. He will most likely have a biopsy then surgery. I cannot even think about it. He feels good, bounces around and has energy, that is all I want to know about at the moment.

Ozzie Osbourne is here.
Photos were taken.. my son will get a kick out of this.
Here we are, at the bottom of the world, Madonna, U2, Ozzie Osbourne, all turn up .. I guess I am not so far away as it feels sometimes.
Maybe it feels like that only when a person is sick. ( quivering lip inserted here)

I got medicine. You take one pill, once a day and only 3 in all.
At the end or maybe a few days later, you are well.
I think I am better.
No doubt , you will hear about it either way.

It is the weekend. It is a 4- day holiday weekend here.
I have no idea what the holiday is.
Last night Placido Domingo sang , for free, outside.
I was sick ... weeping.

I hope your weekend is a good one.

Stay well, it is much more fun.

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  1. Oh so sorry your illness got worse and that you weren't able to properly enjoy your company and birthday...that's just wrong! thank goodness for Pup, chinese soup (and the hubby who gets it), and for the fact that there is always tomorrow.
    Happy Birthday wishes...and please feel 100% better soon!!!
    xo j~


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