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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

We're having a heat wave ~

There is a "Red Alert" .. or Yellow, I forget .. the Bueno air is not so bueno .. Drivers are cranky behind the wheel.. someone honked because I was still in front of her car when the light changed .. No, I did not make any rude gestures although the face I made was still worthy of a NYer ..
If I were not hampered by my pathetic EspaƱol, I would have just said something to her .. some pithy remark about drivers in large SUVs with small brains. . you know, something to placate her .

We have all the shutters closed. Whichever room we are in, the air conditioning is on. My fear is that the power will fail. Pup is lying in here, napping on the cool floor. No big walks for him, not with that curly coat he is wearing. I have to get his hair cut ! He looks like a curly brown bear.

Here is a photo to make you smile. I have to talk to Pup about skateboards and scooters .. see what he has to say.


  1. Hope that you can remain cool without power outages - ughhhh... heat and humidity ... seems to be the heavy price to pay when living in "Paradise".. :) Love the picture - did produce a smile, a much needed smile!!!! Stay Cool!!!!

  2. Thankfully, this is unusual here. And I know at the end of the week, things will be back to normal, after a huge thunderstorm, no doubt.
    Isn't that dog something ?! A Briard on a scooter LOL

  3. Hi Candice love th skate board !! I can visualise Pup

    your drivers sound like mmmm some peolpe I know !!

    made me laugh too fay xx

  4. Faye, Pup told me he preferred riding in the car with his head out the window. That's my boy :)


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