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Monday, March 7, 2011

Summer, Winter and Chinese

It is so lush and green and flowers everywhere, that it is hard to imagine that winter comes here too.
There won't be snow and it is rarely freezing but it will be grey and cold and wintery.
On one hand, I look forward to the change in seasons, it has been summer since November and I could use a break from the constant heat and hiding from the sun. ( My dermatologist will be frowning at me this week) .. and I look forward to shopping for fall and winter clothes.
I am done with the summer look already !

Pup still has an issue with the Thing on his leg and a trip to the vet is in our future.

I have been ordering things online and they have been delivered to my sister in law and she will bring them to me next week. I am so excited, she has become Santa Claus !
She comes bearing bags full of goodies. I love her dearly and this is just so great for her to do this for me.

I have to start making lists for what we will all do while they are here.
Something more than sit in the park with Pup... Who will be devastated when he hears he is not invited to many of the outings.

I am looking forward to celebrating my birthday with them.
I rarely celebrate with anyone but my husband so this will be fun.

Tomorrow I think I must go to Chinatown.
I want to visit the store with all the cooking gadgets and the market that sells Black Bean sauce and Hoisin sauce and maybe.. lunch in one of the little restaurants.
A dish of Stir Fried Noodles with a bit of Won Ton soup sounds good.
I can overdose on MSG and be swollen for a few days.
It is fun and we are always impressed when we see the Chinese people working in the markets. They speak what sounds like flawless Castellano and then in the next breath they are speaking to each other in Mandarin or whatever dialect .. back and forth.. easily it seems.
I am having trouble remembering my English now, forget about remembering the right word in Castellano !
And then there are the times when I can't think of the word in Castellano but I know the word in French ... there is no telling what is going on in my poor brain.

I was thinking about going to get a manicure, then I read some horror stories about the various mistakes people made with their Spanish/English requests and also the cleanliness issues are questionable in some places.
So I think I might just file all my nails down to nubs and call it the New Fashion.

I made Homemade Mayonnaise tonight.
It was not so good. I did everything right and it magically turned into what looked like mayonnaise with my little electric whisk but it tasted like olive oil with lemon juice.
But really thick.
I don't know what the secret ingredient is in Hellmans but I want it.
Either that or just send me a big jar of Hellmans Mayonnaise and I will be your Best Friend Forever. . really.

(Upon thinking about this, better not. No jars of mayo in the mail please. I know there will be some issue with the man at the Post Office when I arrive to pick up my package, there always is.. I still haven't gotten the book that I ordered)

Let's hope tomorrow I have something interesting to write and that it is not in Chinese.


  1. That tree is stunning!

    (From your profile) Was it difficult bringing your dog to Argentina? We brought ours from the US to the UK.

    Ooh, this sounds like so much fun! I've met a few bloggers this year, which was really great.

    Perhaps you would like to join me for my Expat Blog Linky Party on March 19th? Hope to see you then, if not sooner.

  2. Re mayo: I never use olive oil to make mayo. The taste is too typical. I use either sunflower oil or corn oil. I also use white vinegar instead of lemon juice. Just give it a try!

  3. Mym, thank you ! Great tip ! I will do that. I can find sunflower oil here, I think .. I will keep trying :)

    HappyHomemaker .. thank you !
    Yes, in many ways it was difficult to bring Pup here .. at least they don't have quarantine for dogs here.

  4. Hi!

    How did you go making the perfect poached eggs?

    I have family visiting me at the moment too, so, like your canine friend, my pup isn't too happy we're out so much and not taking him along!

    I look forward to more photos of Buenos Aires to keep me daydreaming!

    x Holly

  5. Holly, the eggs were perfect. You are brilliant and I will never make them the way my husband used to make them. ( with the spoon)..

    Thank you so much for your comment.. chau ~ C


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