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Friday, March 18, 2011

Perfect In-Laws

It has been a year since we have last seen them. Before that, about 5 years.
They look good.
Time seems to be stopping still for some people, they are not aging.
I look in the mirror some days and think, who hung that photo of that old lady on the mirror ?!
But not my husbands family , they have some gene that keeps them looking young .
They came bearing gifts.
Very nice things , some things everyone "at home" takes for granted but for us, they are treats , wonderful treats .
And then there was a surprise present.
I guess one of them feels sorry for his old aunt-in-law and thought a new fangled mobile phone would cheer her up, you know, at the thought of becoming even more ancient in 5 more days.

How do you like the way I snuck in that announcement of when I celebrate my birthday?

We met them at the hotel, sat out at a nearby cafe with birds singing, sun shining, breezes blowing and all around us, languages from all over the world.
Although English was prominent, there was German and Japanese and I think I heard French.
We had a dish that is local to Buenos Aires that I discovered when we arrived here and everyone seemed to like it.
Revuelto Gramajo. It is said that some General (Gramajo) made it up .. eggs, scrambled with matchstick thin potatoes and ham. All hot and vaguely spicy and delicious.
Very filling, which was good if that was all the soldiers had to eat .

It was fun sitting there and people watching, catching up , just chatting, the way one does with family.
The hotel rooms they have are so lovely that I have requested a weekend at the hotel for our anniversary . We did this when we lived in NY( when the children were young) .
We spent the weekend at the Plaza Hotel. . other birthdays or anniversaries , other hotels in and out of the city. I think I can try that here, there are more than enough interesting hotels to check out.

Then we had to dash Pup to the vet, who says his leg is looking better, come back in 10 days and he will have a needle biopsy. This is to be sure it is not something worse than an abscess. I will not think about it.

The same week, I have my surgery on my leg too. So Pup and I will sit on the sofa and make my husband wait on us, hand and foot/paw.
It will be fun.
I know, I have odd ideas of what is fun sometimes.

Now I must go.
There are packages to open, electronic gadgets to figure out and I noticed some scent that needs to be tested... not to forget .. Peanut Butter to taste and yes... I love my sister-in-law, she brought me a big jar of Hellman's Mayonnaise.

Told you I have perfect in-laws ~

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