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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A New Day, A New Pup ...

Pup had his Day of Beauty today.
Nails, ears, hair , the works.
We spent the time while he was suffering for beauty, running all over town, finding SIM cards and running errands.
We still have no phone number for our new phone, but it has a SIM card. And I can use it for the Time and Email so having it as a telephone will be icing on the cake .. someday.
Pup is exhausted and after napping, eating, beating up his newly washed blanket, he is now back to napping on the blanket in the living room. I am exhausted from everything so I am joining Pup in the living room, maybe even on the sofa. Since he smells like a Flower and all.


  1. Such a glamorous dog! Enjoy the iphone too. MtV

  2. Pup you look pawsitively handsome! A doggie blanky needs to be reworked in after its washed... enjoy your nap...tail wags, Dolce

  3. Ah the washed dog blanket. It's just not the same. A little slobber and drool should fix that.

  4. He has his chewy bone wrapped up in it also. It will be it's old grungy self in no time :)


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