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Monday, March 21, 2011

My Poor Nose

So ... I have ( had ) a pretty decent nose.
It is right there in the middle of my face, for one thing.
It is straight, no deviating from the norm.
I can breathe through it pretty well most of the time.
I can smell things better than some people.. which can be a curse more than a blessing.

I opened the cupboard door, to put something away, it is above the counter where I was standing.
I closed the door, but turned my head for some reason and slammed the door corner into the side of my nose.


It hurt so badly that I walked to the doorway to the living room and just told my husband, I hurt my nose.
I was not sure if I wanted to see it.
I was afraid it might have been hanging off by a thread or perhaps, permanently crooked.
Or just a hole right through it .. half a nose above, half a nose below.

A little time has passed now.
I still have my nose. I don't quite feel it now.
I have a good doctor, with just the right touch, tools and miracle medicines.
The red /possibly blue part of the nose and dark bruise under my eye are yet to advance, I might be lucky and this is the worst of it.

I can see me now. On my birthday, all dressed up and walking into a restaurant with this big red and blue honker and a half closed eye... instead of a birthday, it will be a Pity Party.

Due to the Nose Incident.. I have nothing to post about.
We went to the park, we visited with the family, we watched people in the park, had a great lunch and tonight we will go to a local parrilla.

Other than the Nose Incident, it has been a beautiful day.

I have a headache, I have to go lie down.
Pup feels sorry for me but he is not crazy about the way the Nose is looking.. he thinks mine might be bigger than his.

whimper ~~~~


  1. Hi Pup .. Its me Dolce, from Canada ... I hope your mom feels better; noses are very sensitive and can hurt alot. You'll have to give her some extra cuddle time, that will help her feel better.

    I use to post on mommy's blog from time to time .. but now daddy (ok mommy too!!) is helping me;I have my own space now ... you can keep up with my adventures.

    I'll check in on you again... tail wags, Dolce

  2. ohhh poor you Candice hope yu feel better soon
    I had a to fiish mid blog it s fooling about agin
    see you when i return from Paris in a week
    who said Rudloph ?
    love Fay xx

  3. Pup asked me to thank Dolce for the note. He has been making sure I kept those cold compresses on the nose. Between his leg and my nose, we keep each other busy.

    Fay, Thank you dearling. No one said Rudolph, I would have to hit them. Besos, C

  4. Ouch! Hope your nose heals quickly...that's just not fun! I'm sure Pup will help tremendously with lots of extra love and snuggles.
    xo J~

  5. Thank you J ... he is definitely helping. I have a bad throat now, some celebration of ones birthday and all that :( and Pup is here at my side.. my throat, my nose, his leg, we are recuperating together :)


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