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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hello, it's me, Cranky

I woke up with a cold.
My husband gave it to me.
He could have given me a bracelet or a scarf or even a new Thing to hold my hair up but no, he gave me his cold.
So I am sitting here, sniffly, grumpy, cranky and headachy ... I could be the 8th Dwarf !
It is too hot out. Pup walks down to the park with us, he and I hugging the wall, where there is shade. We get to the park, I let him off his leash , he sits down and stares at us...Waiting until we take him back home to the air conditioning.
All the shutters are closed, the house is dim and shadowy. There is the dark shape of a pup lying across the doorway ... I gave up long ago, ever thinking I could sneak past him.

Tomorrow I go to the surgeon. I will see if this little spot on my leg will be quickly and easily removed without a Big Deal.
I want to get it over with and go shopping. Yes, I have my priorities.

The relatives will be here a week from tomorrow. We can't wait!
Pup hasn't been told yet. He will be happy/sad.
Happy to see them, sad because he will be home alone more.

Tonight I am not cooking, nor are we going out to pick up something. My husband will order something. Probably Chinese food.
Ensuring that I appear at the surgeons, swollen and puffy and looking my worst.
Not sure how that will affect things. Maybe I will just keep my sunglasses on the whole time.

Here is a nice photo of the neighborhood.


  1. Good luck tomorrow. Fingers crossed all is good.

  2. Candice poor you please get well soon
    and hope it all goes smoothly demain
    I too am a touch under I had a real problem removing one of my contact lenses the other day ( i only wear them from time to time ) and i must have squashed a few blood vessels ! i got up today feeling dreadful and looked in the mirror it was frankenstein ! my eye was horrendous so i went off to the pharmacy to get antibiotic drops ! hope i dont need a new eye ! love fay xx looking forward to hearing about yur shopping xx

  3. All my absolutely best thoughts and wishes to you, Candice, and kisses and besos in all possible languages to both you and Pup.


  4. Hoping for good news and a quick end to "the thing" today! I know you are ready to go shopping and think of happier things. Buena suerte.

  5. Awwww, sending you lots of good thoughts, a cool breeze, and well wishes!!!!! Good luck today with your appointment!!!! {{HUGS}}


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