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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Brown Dog in a Blue Shirt with One Wet Sleeve

Another last gasp day of Summer.. it was about 80º F and bright sunshine.
There are days that I enjoy this, there are days that I miss a good cool grey moody day.
But today was good.
We are tending to our patient who insists on trying to chew/lick his leg through the tee shirt, resulting in the sight of a Brown Dog in a Blue Shirt with One Wet Sleeve.
Picasso would be do wonders with this !The treat we had today was lunch with friends who are in town but getting ready to leave.
You know when you go on vacation, Time changes, it moves faster ... well, when friends visit , the same thing happens.
I think they just got here, but 6 weeks went by and now they are leaving.
Lunch was great, fun to chat, ( I am sure I monopolized the conversation as usual) and if that were not enough, a gift of books was made.
I have been sitting on the sofa, reading the book "Forwards", the covers, trying to decide which one I want to read first.
It is a tie right now between P.D. James and Tracy Chevalier .. oh what a treat it is to actually have a choice of books to read !

It is about 2 weeks until the relatives come to visit.
I am making a small list in my mind of things to do.
Next it will go on paper and there will be research done.
Concerts and Museums and Gardens are a definite.
We did not go to the Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens with them and if for no other reason, the cats that live there are worth the look. There just happens to be a couple of good restaurants nearby.
I would like to walk through Chinatown with them, having lunch at one of the restaurants.Chinatown is tiny, about 2 blocks.
There is a wonderful museum in the area , the Museo de Arte Español Enrique Larreta .. he was a Spanish writer, his home is full of paintings and books and wonderful furniture and breathtaking gardens.
And then it is just fun to walk around Belgrano, the tree lined streets, the cafes and nice shops and churches.
I have been going through lists of restaurants too.
I hope we walk a lot , I think I will need it .

And maybe we will go to the Hippodrome .. and see some
So many ideas, it will be a long list I think.

Now off to see the Brown Dog and discuss this Wet Sleeve business ..

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  1. My mother had a dog that broke it's leg and made a full time job of chewing his plaster cast. I think she tried all sorts of things to stop it even a spray of perfume. My dogs always hated wearing the cone on their head, so if they had surgery or something I would mostly babysit them to keep from chewing instead of making them better. Have a great weekend.


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