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Monday, March 28, 2011

All in all, a lovely day

Hola Boys and Girls !
Time has flown, what with family visiting, Pup having issues with Things , well, A Thing that has grown on his leg that will now require, without doubt, removal.
He does not fuss with it anymore so we don't require him to go out with an Ace bandage covering it .. we just let him pretend ( like I do) that it isn't really there and we are not worried.

I, on the other hand, got to visit the pretty building above today, to meet my Surgeon and let them have a little of my blood and to get the appointment for my surgery.
They will be cutting out a bit of my leg , on April 14th.

The surgeon was charming, his surgical assistant was too young, too good looking but very sweet and spoke English, so aside from the fact that I am seeing the Jefe , who also specializes in Skin Cancer, I am not worried.

I feel I am in excellent hands and the fact that the Jefe says it will take 15 minutes and local anesthetic with only a small scar .. I am fine with everything.
This does not mean that I am going to be brave or not expect total devotion from all who know me and presents and flowers are expected .. really.

I still fall in love every day with the people here, apologizing to me, a newcomer to their country, for their not speaking English !
For their beautiful patience when I am attempting to speak Spanish and their good nature when I mangle said beautiful language.

For their gentleness and good humor when they know they are going to hurt me ... "Close your eyes, it will hurt but I promise, only an instant" ..
I did manage to make a joke when the surgeon explained the surgery, asking him if while he was stitching up my leg, did he think I might need a tuck here or there ? pointing at my face.
He laughed, he said that would be for another surgeon ..

He also mentioned that I was crazy for moving to Buenos Aires, apparently he likes New York .

Summer is leaving us. The nights are chilly, sleeping is cozy and no air conditioners running. Pup can be found curled up on the Pup Blanket in the morning and long walks in the park are back on the days agenda.
As are the long visits to our favorite cafe, where Pup gets a "jug" of water and we get our cafe con leche and feed crumbs to the tiny birds that hop around, people watch, and just enjoy Being Here.
And our park where we ( all of us ) sit on a bench and talk, read, or just listen to the sounds of the area .. cars ( always cars) and birds and wind and often, music.

The Museums are opening new exhibitions, I think we need to go to the Decorative Artes Museum.

A short walk from our home and a magnificent building, originally the home of one of the founders of Buenos Aires , way back then. And there is a lovely cafe where the gate house stood, where we can sit outside with the cafe cat and enjoy a bite and beautiful surroundings.
And then it is time to wander through the parks on home, sometimes stopping to say hello to a friend ..


  1. I am glad you got the tests behind you today and were still feeling chipper enough to enjoy the fall weather.

  2. All in all, lovely.

    Everything will be fine, I just know it, and the tiny scar will be the source of many wonderful and unfounded stories regarding how it got there...


  3. Thank you Anony, once I sleep for about 24 hours , I will definitely feel like being chipper. besos!

    Pearl .. you are totally right. I have to work on the stories, you know... See this scar here, let me tell you how I got that ... it was a dark night and the dog and I were out ........


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