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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Upon Waking Up

When I wake in the mornings, I often lie there and go over in my still groggy mind, what is On for Today. Most days there is not a very big list. Some days , often, there is no list at all. But as the day goes one, as luck might have it, that day becomes crowded with Things to Do and Fun.
This morning I woke, enjoying the fact that the air conditioning was not on, yet my arms were chilled. I am afraid to hope that the terrible heat is over and we will have cooler summer into fall weather. But for now, I do appreciate this break from the heat. We all appreciate the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the parks and city without suffering from the oppressive heat of the past months. Pup especially.

Pup wakes up in the mornings , his old self, I am thrilled to say. I get a smile, a sleepy little wag of a tail and then he gets up, shuffles down the hall and with many bones thumping on the floor, lays down again, outside the door to this room. This way he can keep an eye on my husband and me.
There is no getting past the Pup.

Taking advantage of the cooler weather, we have been staying out in the parks longer, walking more again. Today we have errands to run and maybe a doggie toy to buy.
Tomorrow is the Final Day at Immigrations.

I get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it. I should not worry, it is all formalities now, we even have an appointment now instead of being there at dawn with half a million immigrants from all over the world. . in a mindlessly dreary ancient old building where it is so dark, I was convinced there were bats up in the ceilings.

Later, Pup might have a story or two about his day .. he has been wanting his own blog and I told him it just works better if he lets me do it for him .. he is grudgingly allowing this.
And if you want to have a really good day, go out and throw a ball for a pup .. or a cat .. or a child .. goldfish aren't that thrilled with balls and I hear canaries hate them but I hope you get to have some fun today too.


  1. Hi A Broad.....interestingly, today I blogged about the frigid cold, and you blogged about the heat. Different worlds. Your Pup is sweet. We live with our Bichon. Is Pup possessive of you as the fuzzy one is of me? There's nothing in the world like the love and loyalty of our canine cuties.

  2. I hope the Immigration visit is over quickly and there is lots of time for throwing balls for Pup. He deserves it!

  3. That dog is great! And charming! Have a wonderful weekend :)

    Kristin xo

  4. I love the photo of Pup and his ball... thrilled that he's acting his ole self again!!! xx


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