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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tan now, Pay later or How I Spent My Morning

So, once upon a time, I lay out in the sun all the time, using oils and lotions and getting nice and brown. For a blonde, I tan surprisingly well. And as we all used to think, tans look good. But as time has gone by and we all have learned what else comes along with a tan .. a lot of us are walking around pale and staying off of beaches and pool sides, preferring the shady bits of the park and using sun block.
But , they forgot to mention, or I wasn't listening, that even though you were only in the sun years ago, any day it can come back and bite you.

Therefore I was not that surprised today when I was told that yes, that little spot on my leg is cancer and I have to have surgery.
So this is my Public Service announcement.. soon it will be summer , use sun block .. don't end up like I will .. an old lady with these little tiny white scars zig zagging all over me.
( this has not happened yet but I have these visions)..

Now about the hospital. They Do Things Differently Here.
At first I was a bit put off by the way they do things, but now, I am appreciating everything much more. You go to the Hospital ( you can go to a private doctor but you will end up being sent to the hospital anyway for the tests) and you see a private doctor in a private office. If you need any tests etc, it is all there.. a huge , modern, clean, new hospital where so far, all the doctors we have seen, speak English.
Now for the upside .. when was the last time you saw a doctor who kissed you hello and good-bye ?
My case is closed.

So in March, I will have a little Trip Report .. I will let you know what the Chief of Surgery looks like, if it is true that they all think they are Gods ( I was just told this today by a doctor ... this person obviously has not worked in a US Hospital )
Any surgeons reading this, I don't mean you !
Any surgeons wives reading this, you know what I mean .

I am wondering if this sort of thing requires a new wardrobe.. you know, something to make up for the fact that I will have a possibly 1 inch scar on my leg. What !


  1. Always good to be reiminded. I have a few sun spots I should get checked. Hopefully the hospitals are quite sophisticated there!

  2. Thank you for the reminder. I slather myself in 45 SPF, but that's only because I don't tan well. I do burn well. Really well. Good luck with the surgery, hope it goes quickly and smoothly!

  3. The hospital is very sophisticated ..
    Mandy, that is my downfall, I am fair but tan .. It is not terrible, there are worse things to be told. But it so happens that surgery etc will happen around the time of My Birthday ! and a possible visit from Family ... Timing !!

  4. Hi C, I'm sorry to hear this, but I'm sure everything will be ok, fortunately these kind of surgeries are very common and not serious. I'm sure you won't even get a scar and you will be able to enjoy your family's visit as well.


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