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Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Summer Sunday

What a day it was ! Bright sunshine, blue skies and warm, very warm.
I would have enjoyed slightly cooler temperatures but I am consoling myself with the thought of Fall coolness, taking walks at night and smelling firewood burning in the chilly air, stars, oh my, you have never seen so many stars as they have here ... and close !!
Really, closer than where you are. I am sure of it .
Just kidding.
Pup needed a walk or two , well three and the park is there, so that is where we were.
Trees bursting with summer color, hot pink lilies, dark greens, light greens, dusty cobblestones and green cool grass. The parks are lush and ripe and any moment now, it will be cooler and leaves will start to fall. But for now, it is just the big lilies that fall.

Pup enjoyed sitting in the grass and relaxing.
I took photos and enjoyed watching people practice walking on a tight rope .. yep, a tight rope. They were smart though, they aren't very good at it yet, so it was just a couple of feet off the ground. . and flat.
We watched the Dare Devil Skateboarders , who come down a 2 way curved hill , down the middle of the street ... flying !
When they get to the bottom of the hill, at the end of the street, they either jump off or do this wild sliding curve into the huge Avenue that is at the end of the street.
They do it when the light is red and no cars are coming but I fear for them every time and I am thrilled watching them. Crazy kids.
The parrots were housecleaning. Bits and pieces of nests are tossed out, you can hear them squabbling the entire time.
Mrs Parrot, telling Mr Parrot to either help her or take the kids and get out of the way ! And then he has to complain that it is Sunday and all he wants to do is relax in his nest and she won't leave him alone, nag nag nag .. (yes, I understand Parrot)
Then a huge chunk of nest came flying out and down .. I wonder if that was His bed.

We saw Robins in the park and these amazing birds that are black but in the light you can see their feathers are iridescent .. the birds that come through here are fabulous ..
And we have chickadees and robins too .. as well as the pigeons that are required in all Parks and doves. Platoons of palomas .. cooing cooing ..

Then it was time to get the too warm Pup back into the cool rooms where he can recover from medicines and pain and hopefully tomorrow- he will be much much better.

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