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Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Lazy Sunday in the Park with Pup

Today is a sparkling, not too hot day, with blue blue skies and cool breezes. We were our usual lazy selves this morning, wandering down to the park with Pup later in the afternoon.
The Feria is very busy, musicians are setting up for their free ( donations accepted) concerts in the parks and the man who rents bicycles is doing good business today!
My husband and I are going to rent bikes one Sunday and see how we like it. If we live through it and like it, then we will consider buying a couple.
Pup can't come with us so I feel a little bad about that.
But today was an example of my sweet Old Man Pup.
We walked down to the park, he sniffed around, we went to the next park and sat on a bench in the shade of a huge tree, full of pink lilly-like flowers.
Pup lay in the grass, across the walk from us, making sure we did not do anything without his knowing it .. does he really think we will sneak off when he is not looking ? does he really think I would go far without him?
A lilly fell out of the tree and hit him on the head, he was surprised. One hit my husband too ..
I had an invisible shield around me, nothing fell on me and nothing bit me. . all in all, a good day in the park.

We walked home past the big statue in the park, past the little private park that we like to use in Winter when it is not so hot ..

Last night we went on a walk after dark. It was very pleasant.
All except for the part where Pup kept turning at each corner towards home.
He has become an old man, stuck in his habits. But then, I think, so have I.


  1. he is surely the sweetest old man...never a grump!

  2. That is so very true. Pup has never been a grump.

  3. I am so jealous of all that green. It looks so warm. I can't remember the last time I felt truly warm outside. Sigh.

  4. PurestGreen, I cannot remember when I was able to sleep all night without the air-conditioning :(
    Come visit, you will warm up in a hour or so.
    besitos !!


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