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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is Pup Before.
He was hot, he smelled almost like a dog and he had to be uncomfortable with all that hair. I know we ( he and I ) didn't enjoy our time spent trying to comb out snarls in long ears that tend to drag into food dishes and such.
And here is our new boy, all light and bouncy and smelling like a flower .. or at least like a really clean dog. Shhhh.. don't let him know I called him a d o g .
This is what it looks like at the park. Hot. Green and hot. Birds are lying around panting. Dogs sniff around a little then lie in the grass and wait for the humans who should know better to take them home to rooms that are darkened and air-conditioned. We will be like vampires, only coming out after dark. Even after dark it has remained hot. I am really looking forward to the end of Summer. Autumn here is lovely. I will not promise but if I can remember how boring this heat is, I can say I will not complain about Winter. But ... well, sometimes a good whine is fun. Everyone likes a good whine now and then. Have a glass of wine and have a good whine.

We wanted to go to the Feria .. it is right there, next to the park, but walking in the sun was brutal. The streets were deserted, except for the occasional sighting of a couple walking their dog. .. crazy people.
Tomorrow is supposed to be worse. I bet you can't wait to hear about that ! Maybe there will be a new movie at the theatre, in English. Maybe we will just go to a mall and wander .. have lunch .. or maybe we will just stay in, listen to music and read. That is appealing. Pup likes that one.


  1. Ahh Pup looks gorgeous all spruced up!

  2. It's going to be 17 degrees tomorrow here. Wandering in the Mall would be lot's of fun. If you see an English picture enjoy it!! MtV

  3. Thank you Dash ! He does clean up nicely :)

    MtV ! 17 ! send me an envelope full of cold air, please ? love.

  4. Pup .. you look fabulously handsome!! Dolce is in need of a hair cut .. unfortunately the cold (-25 plus) temps .. mean we need to brush him a little more, he needs all thewarmth he can get outside...stay cool Pup..xo HHL

  5. Awwwww I just want to hug Pup!!! I can just imagine how he feels and the pup-cologne making him smell sweet... I hope you find a good movie to watch, in a nice dark, a/c cooled theater!!! Enjoy your day!!

  6. HHL, love to Dolce.. Pup would love to have a little pal to romp with .. he is bored with us. He is standing in the doorway right now, staring at me. I am required to Throw The Stuffed Toy.
    I think it is near 100º... or 95º .. feels like 150º

    Sabrina, he is a velvet Pup again .. or velour .. I so enjoy petting him when he has been cut .. if it weren't so hot, we would be snuggling more.
    Today is worse, we ran errands, took him to the park and now we are hiding out. Maybe we will go out after dark.
    Enjoy your day too !


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