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Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Visit to The US Embassy

Today we went to the US Embassy. We had to get some information and give some information. We got up too early and then found out that we have to go back tomorrow, even earlier. This is so painful for me .... ( she whines) .
But the good news is that we have an appointment so we won't have to wait as long as we did today. And the cool thing is that when you arrive at the Embassy, there is a mile long line down the street, but we walk up to a window and show them our passports and they open the door. Once inside, there is the handing over of cell phones, walking through metal detectors and smiling at lot at all the well armed guards. They are all extremely polite and nice.
When we leave, they give us a big smile and say goodbye .
It is not a pretty building but I hear it is very fortified and the Ambassador who lives a little farther away, can go through underground parking areas to enter and leave the residence or Embassy.
This is the Ambassadors Residence . Pretty, no?
What happened today was that we met this family.
There were many things about them that would make a person notice them, each thing being especially nice.
I had a hard time not staring at them the entire time we were there, it was OK if we did , I think everyone else did too. And it paid off when we left.
The Mother and Father and a boy about 9 sat in front of us. In front of them sat 3 other children and a baby on the floor . Yes, 5 children, the oldest being the 9 year old.
The mom had naturally streaky blonde hair, each child looked exactly like her, with heads of tousled blonde hair and little button noses. Dressed neatly and clean , the baby in a little sun-dress that was adorable ..
I wanted to take them all home with me.
But here is where it got to be "different" and "unusual" .. the children were quiet.
The baby was quiet... oh, she grinned and smiled and made quiet happy baby noises but that man behind me whispering, made more noise.
They all sat in that boring room, looking at magazines, whispering to each other, looking around, and they all watched over the baby.
Of course, I had to talk to the mom .. they drove to BA from Mendoza, where they have lived for 7 years but are now "going home" to the US.
3 of the children were born here, so there was a major amount of paperwork and Red Tape for them to go through. One of the little ones, he was about 4, was fascinated with the lady sitting in the front row with a baby in a baby carriage. A small infant.
He ended up slowly working his way up the aisle and sitting next to the lady and just watching the baby.
The funny part was when the lady was called into a room, with the door open, to talk to the person from the Embassy, the little boy went with her .. adorable.
And everyone was fine with it.
When we were leaving, I said goodbye and good luck and the mother gave me a hug and kiss.
I was so surprised by the warmth and sweetness of that gesture, but even better was yet to come.
The baby stood at my feet and reached her little arms up to me, so I picked her up and gave her a cuddle and a kiss. And I got one too.
My heart just about burst with the sweetness of it all.
Then the little boy came over, I imagine he was thinking of perhaps coming with us ? No? Well, I would have been happy to bring all or some of them home with me.
I don't envy them that long trip back home with 5 small children but I do envy them those 5 small children.
I know tomorrow will not be so sweet a visit to the Embassy but every time I do go there, I will remember that sweet family.


  1. What a shame that it comes as a surprise that children behave well! When our fourth child was born I found myself with 4 children under the age of 8. I always found that if you expect them to act properly, and treated them with the respect, love and attention they deserve , in return things work pretty well.
    Is it still stifling hot in BA?

  2. Yes, it has gotten that way, hasn't it ? But these children were almost completely silent, they whispered to each other, it was just great.
    We had a huge storm and it seems to have washed away the heat and humidity, at least for a day or two. Early this morning, it was cool enough to need a light sweater. This afternoon will be in the 80s but it is dry. Mi gusta !

  3. Your visit to the Embassy was a lot better than my visit to the US Immigration sweet children there...just grown up with lots of rubber stamps. I begged for my little stamp, after 3 visits, I finally got it!!! Well behaved children, why it's so hard for some parents to grasp the idea????

  4. Baby kisses and cuddles are so wonderful!!! You made me miss my kidlet when he was that age... I hope your trip to the Embassy was surprisingly pleasant today and hopefully not too painful!!!! I'm off to the tag agency myself - I seriously doubt it will be as pleasant an experience as you posted!


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