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Sunday, January 16, 2011

I would if I could ..

I would post photos of Pup that were taken this past week.
I would post photos of the way things looked today, right before the storm, when the sky looked like something from a Steven Spielberg movie.
I would listen to music right now while I type but ... when they put in the new hard drive, they did not put in my music, or my iPhoto.
I saved the photos taken, but I cannot download any new ones.
So I can go back to this place with the computer or get a new disc for Leopard or Lion or Giraffe and hopefully it will all be normal again plus better.

We had a really hot heavy day , culminating in a serious storm. It was sooo cool !
The clouds were black , not dark grey but black. And huge. They looked solid.
They were moving our way, we went to the market and practically ran home, wind whipping trees and us around.
As we came upstairs, the rain hit. It looked solid. Gutters filled immediately and ran over onto the sidewalks and filling intersections with small lakes.
People huddled in doorways or braved walking through it. I worried that my flowers on the balconies would be torn up, the wind was so fierce.
Then it was gone. Just like that.

Pup was walked after, while it was still raining.
He came back wet and droopy, then he dried and looked kind of pitiful, with short curly hair .. a big nosed , long eared, brown sheep... that wagged it's tail everytime I would fall over laughing at the sight of him.
So he is brushed now and looks his handsome self .
I would show you a new photo but , well, you know... Apple .. feh !
So here is a pre-haircut photo ..


  1. Oh, I'm getting a new hardrive next week and I'm hoping the transition is a smooth one. Best of luck with getting yours all up and running perfectly!

    Brown sheep...that was pretty funny!
    xo J~

  2. Just be sure to save everything ! Bookmarks especially, I lost 100's !
    We never expected that we would not get our iPhoto and iTunes back too :(
    Yes, he is my brown lamb :)


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