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Alan Cohen
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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


What makes a person happy ?
Aside from being well fed , having a home and someone to love.
What is it that really makes them get up in the morning and look forward to the day?
I thought I knew a long time ago... but as the years have gone by, the things that make me happy have changed.
Waking up and looking at that new husband. Unforgettable happiness.
Waking up and looking at that new baby. Unforgettable happiness.
I would no longer be happy living in the right area so we could send our children to the best school.
I would no longer be happy living in that part of town because the commute to work for my husband was 5 minutes.
New clothes make me happy - for a short time . Staying thin thrills me.
Finding the perfect pair of shoes makes me cheerful for days.
If the weather Ever cools off, that will make me happy.

Actually, Autumn has always made me happy.
photo credit : A.F.
When I arrived in New York, from Los Angeles, 100 years ago, it was the end of summer.
As the weeks went by, I was treated to my first Autumn in New York.
With the trees blazing with color, the sunny cool days and crisp evenings.. trips Upstate to look at the colors, pick apples, buy pumpkins, it was all new and wonderful.
Who would think, all these years later, that is what I am missing.

Fall here is pleasant, but lacks the beauty and drama of Fall in NY. It even smells different.
Here there will be the scent of wood smoke, from all the parillas and fireplaces.. taking a walk on a crisp evening, smelling that scent, wonderful.

Winters here are mild but last year it lasted too long. The end was too wet and dreary.
If I lived in London or Paris, I would expect that, but not here.
If I lived in London or Paris, I would be hopping on trains for warmer , sunnier places to visit.

But these days, I am feeling vaguely restless, not getting really excited about things.
This leads me to find myself looking at Real Estate. In different countries. Now my husband is doing the same thing.
Pup is resting in the cool hall, ignoring the carrying on about 'look at this one !' and 'come look what I found ! '...
He knows he isn't going anywhere, he is staying just where he is.
He likes it. He likes his park. We are here with him. He is happy.


  1. I think it can be a lot of fun looking up real estate in other countries/cities - just dreaming... Also, I can understand missing Autumn in Upstate NY/New England, I truly believe it has it's very own uniqueness, to me "it's home"... You have brought back some of my fondest memories of having acorn wars at the park along the Hudson River, hunting for pumpkins and drives to Pound Ridge, Columbus day was the day spent with my parents picking apples and my mother baking incredible pies... even late Autumn when we spent a long weekend in a small cottage by the sea in Montauk, Long Island... THANK YOU :) for the enjoyable trip down Memory Lane... now I need to find some Kleenex!!! xx

  2. You nailed it: happiness is fleeting moments throughout your life. I have a feeling you will have it wherever you find yourself.

  3. Sabrina, Yes, Pound Ridge and the little farm animal zoo and the otters !
    I haven't baked a pie in years, not a good apple pie.
    I am happy that this sent you to good memories, sorry about the Kleenex :)

    Cherie, Thank you. un grande beso..(besa?)

  4. Ah Pup... you are the calming factor, just like little Dolce. Since our journey to South America ..hubby has been more and more interested in exploring other areas to live in.. I'm not sure we are reading to make to full move.. but some place that we can escape to that is within 5 hour plane flight (direct)...a friend recntly shared that our bodies/energy know when its time to be where we need to be, we just have to be open to the signs and follow along...xo HHL

  5. You know what? The grass isn't always greener on the other side.

  6. Mym, Happiness to me, is where you find it... not on one side or another.


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