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Saturday, January 1, 2011

1-1-11 A Good Start to the Year

1-1-11 started out very well. We had a late sleep, not having gotten to bed until near 3 am. And having a last gasp fireworks/bomb going off nearby at around the time I had just fallen asleep. The day was bright , sunny and in the 80's with low humidity so everyone was happy. Yes, even me. We walked in the shade and it was downright cool ! Pup was happy ( although that boy is always happy) and I was glad that we could be out with him and not worry about his dying of heat stroke or something. The agonies of a vivid imagination, you just don't know.

We wandered down to "our parks" , thinking that since today was the beginning of the Dakar Rally. , we might see them , as we did last year, coming down the big avenue on their bikes and their trucks and cars.
There were hardly any people in the parks when we got there but slowly they began to fill the sides of the streets, bring beach chairs, umbrellas and blankets to sit on the grass.

The Museum Park has new sculptures ! I have to find the person responsible for these, I love them. There is a mix of modern, odd and marble and it all looks right for a Museum Park .. rather than the rusty metal ( dead Transformers) "sculptures" that were there before.

Pup was interested but then, he likes Art . . yes, I am joking !! although for all we know, he might have very specific thoughts of Picasso versus Van Gogh or Modernist compared to Art Nouveau .. we will have to have a talk one night when he is not too tired and see what we can find out. I will let you know.

We sat on the base of a marble sculpture and watched the Dakar bikes go by , then the Buenos Aires police, who deserve their own parade .. and then tour buses .. full to the brim.

The park is looking perfect, the shade trees are fully open and the grass is green .. we seem to be having a bit of a drought but they put in sprinklers and they are working !

The boat basin/reservoir is full of little boys stripping down to their underwear and jumping in, swimming, splashing.. I sort of envy them some days ..
I am sure Pup would be happy to dive in.

It seems like most of the people of this city are out of town. The mountains, the beaches and the countryside must be full of Porteños, all enjoying the coolness of being out of the city. But today, they missed a good day.


  1. So glad to hear that the temps got a little tiny better. Buenos Aires could be terrible during the Summer months, I'm even bringing my swimsuit, because even though it's not planned, a day or two by some pool might be necessary. Regarding your comment, Tango is is my things to learn in my return to Argentina. Friday night: milonga!!!

  2. How nice to have a day you can enjoy being outside...and to have it all to yourself makes it doubly special.

  3. Dearest Candice,

    Sounds like a LOVELY start with pleasant weather, also for PUP.
    The pictures make me envy for all the green... We must wait another two months before we will see any here; except for the evergreens.
    Exciting walk and lots to observe for all of you. Funny PUP's interest in art!

    Enjoy this year and have a great Sunday!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  4. I was just thinking as my dog Cheddar was half hanging off his bed this morning, looking at me over his shoulder and wagging his tail...does that boy ever have a bad day? He is always happy.

    Happy New Year to you and your pup.


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