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Alan Cohen
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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Today was one of those perfect weather days. Bright blue skies, warm sun, cool winds. It was a perfect day to go to Puerto Madero. We met our friends , who are staying in a hotel there, and had a very nice lunch at my favorite restaurant there, Central Market. ( yes, very Argentine name). My husband and I shared a calamari dish and I had a nice Bloody Mary. It was mild and I felt fine, I have no idea why I staggered when I got up ! It must have been the calamari!
It was fun sitting and talking and catching up, enjoying one of the great aspects of being in restaurants here. You can sit and talk and stay as long as you wish, no one bothers you, no one cares. You own that table. So it was a very nice visit and walk are some photos from the day.
We don't eat red meat. If I did, I think this would give me pause as I went into the steak restaurant.

You should see this at night ! when all the buildings are lit up..
This is where we sat and ate and drank and chatted with our friends. It is fun to go here. It is so different from the rest of town, where the streets are cobblestone or just ordinary, here they are in perfect condition. The police are the Navy prefecture so the area is well patrolled and very safe. Everything is new. Very new. It is quiet and clean... hardly seems like Buenos Aires at all ! Although I do admit, today, it was very appealing.
When we got home, we grabbed a lonesome pup and dashed down to the park where we sat on a bench and watched him sniff and meet and greet other pups for a while.


  1. What a lovely area. I am really enjoying reading your blog because I love Argentina. If I spoke
    Spanish, I would consider moving there...

  2. Thank you very much Belle. I must say though- we came here speaking no Spanish .. I think you could say we hardly speak it now. . if you were being kind. Un beso. C


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