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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday in the Park with Pup

It was not a bad day today, the second day of celebrations. We were lazy all morning, some of us being lazier than others. Then we decided on a quiet day, a walk in the park, lunch in a cafe, tonight will be fireworks, watched from our rooftop. Which will be a fitting end to the weekend celebrations.
The Museum Park, next to the Belle Artes Museum, has a new sculpture installation. I am so glad ! The last looked like either a rusty car junkyard or a Transformers movie set, with rusty metal things coming out of the ground. These sort of make more sense and have a bit of a sense of humor to them. It was, as you can see, a beautiful day.

Someone thought it would be a good day to go fishing. I agree, the weather was good But .... that is a reservoir, I don't believe there are any fish in that water. But it was a nice day to pretend to be fishing.. and dress the part.
On to the restaurant for our celebratory lunch and drinks. Calamari and Bloody Mary and Malbec. Pup was given fresh water and lots of pets from the very nice waiter.
No, really, you would not like Calamari.
Ahhh, some nice cool water and some shade and we feel fine .
Somewhere, he read about Truffle Hounds and has been practicing ever since.
We walked around the neighborhood, trying to decide which house we like best.
I love these windows

These doors aren't bad and look at that glass at the top ! When you go through the doors, there is a large courtyard that leads to the back garden and to the right you can go into the house .. amazing.
This was an old run down house, now it is a new fixed up home .. I love the faces !
All you could hear today was birds singing.
I would go out on the little balcony on top every evening and pretend I was Juliet.
Mimosas are blooming everywhere.
Tonight the city of Buenos Aires will be lit up with fireworks starting at 10 pm. They will be shot off of some of the high buildings and malls , around town, making what I can imagine will be a ring of fireworks around the city. It promises to be quite wonderful, the weather is perfect for it. Instead of being in a crowd of people in a park, we are going up on our roof to watch, while poor Pup will hide in the bedroom waiting for noise to stop.


  1. It all looks so wonderful ..we are counting the days until we leave for South America!!! We will be in Buenos Aires for the New Year celebrations...xo HHL

  2. I love looking at your photo's but they make me incredibly jealous!

  3. HHL, Pack for 90º days ! You will see fireworks in Buenos Aires ! how cool is that ?

    Symdaddy, Thank you, I am sorry :)

  4. Mis mejores deseos para esta Navidad para tí y tu familia.
    Que estos días estén llenos de Felicidad, Alegría y Amor,
    Un abrazo,


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