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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Not the Usual post ..

This photo is of a dog who survived living at the home of Michael Vick.
Who was arrested and spent 18 months in prison for running an illegal dogfighting operation.

And the President of the United States called and praised Vick for "making good on another chance" ..

We won't talk about how many dogs had no chance..
How the President of the United States is seen by many people who believe that he should be thinking about more important things ,than a man who ran an illegal business of dog fighting ..
Who was directly responsible for the deaths ( they say at least 50 dogs died ) .. but he can play the game of football well.. so the President of the United States will overlook Animal Cruelty and law breaking and praise him.
I am disgusted and disappointed...

I sincerely appreciate your heartfelt comments . I am closing this to further comments to avoid my post from turning into something that it was not meant to be.

This is Oogy. He lives in Great Britain. He was used in illegal dogfights. He lost half his jaw, an ear and was near death when rescued. He has undergone extensive surgeries in order to be able to eat and live. His story has a good end, he was adopted and lives with a family and is loved. They have written a book .. Oogy- by Larry Levin


  1. I cannot add a thing to this post. You said it all and you said it well. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for your compassion and love for pups the world over.

  3. all of the above ! its mind boggling the double standards of this world

    hes a very fortunate Doglet xx fay

  4. I spent many months helping out an animal rescue charity and I have been close on a number of occasions to breaking bones of some of those people (term used very loosely) who called themselves 'responsible' dog owners.

    I share your disgust and disappointment.

  5. I believe that the President's call was about crime followed by satisfying a punishment - and then forgiveness, perhaps redemption.

    Like this President, I am a strong dog lover and dog owner (Newfoundland, Mutt, Beagle, Pulik, Mutt) so I, too, found the Vick operation revolting and hideous, and Vick's punishment to be well deserved. So, perhaps, is our hope for second chances in life...and the human capacity to forgive. Happy New Year.

  6. ¡Dear Animal LOVER!

    Let's hope that re-incarnation does exist and that all those criminals will have to come back being the dog that is treated the way they did during their lives.
    Poor animals have no voice; look at the sad eyes, if they only could convey to us all their suffering! The ones that are cruel to animals will somehow end up being cruel to children, elderly and other vulnerable beings on this planet.
    Barack Obama is way too arrogant to even 'feel' the misery of animals... Shame on him; that speaks books about him.

    Thanks for your compassion towards the furry friends!

    Mariette's Back to Basics


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