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Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday .. Then and Now

Fridays used to be such a longed for day ,a looked forward to day , going out with friends that night, maybe going away for the weekend, sleeping late, staying up late, relaxing and doing what we feel like.
In the Summer we would aim at Friday as the day that we would pile everything into the car and drive to the beach, where we would wear summer clothes, go barefoot and eat fresh fruit and fish and get sunburned and come home Monday night brown, relaxed and hating to go back to the Real World.
In Winter it meant maybe a drive Upstate, apple picking, pumpkin "picking, antiquing or just lolling in a four poster bed in an old Inn and driving around and admiring homes and wishing we could live in the "country".

Now we live in Buenos Aires.
There is no more Monday back to Work. No more driving anywhere unless we get the Taxi driver to do it for us and the only apple picking we do is at the Disco supermercado.

Summer is here, I miss the idea of a beach, even though I never lay in the sun anymore. Yes, those years of tans caught up with me.
So it is Friday, the main streets leading out of town are full of cars already, early in the day. Horns are honking , tempers flaring.

We flag down a taxi in front of our home and say Palermo Soho por favor and off we go !
We just wanted a change of scenery. It is always green on the streets of Palermo, welcome shade in the summer. Makes it more comfortable when you want to dawdle in front of the windows, that have so many interesting and sometimes just funny things in them.
This shop sells Everything your dog needs to be the Best Dressed Pup in BA. I didn't go inside but something told me that there would be nothing in Pup's size, but it was a laugh just looking at the window.
This is more the sort of thing Pup would appreciate if I brought it home. I might have to go back and pick up a Pup Stocking Stuffer here.

There are a few streets in Palermo that are mews. They call them Pasajes and I love them. Some are cobblestone, small private houses, with gardens and terraces on the roof, I sometimes consider living that way, but then we love our neighborhood and say no, we will stay here.

There are a lot of Artistic types living in Palermo. And some like using a large "canvas" wherever they can find it.

It was a nice day. We came home, grabbed Pup and took him to the parks, where our walk led us to the restaurant that serves a decent Bloody Mary. Then we ambled on home.. where we will stay in and relax until dark, when Ice Cream may tempt us to come out .
Have a good weekend !


  1. I just can't get over what a delightful area you live in!

    I'll have to post some pictures of Northeast Minneapolis. I think you would like my neighborhood as well!


  2. If you ever want a house-guest or two, the wife and I would be willing to pop over and keep you company ....

    .... we'll bring our three doggies for your 'pup' to play with.

  3. Pearl, please do post the photos ! Thank you, I do like where we live, I think it is a wonderful mix of South America and Paris :)

    Symdaddy, what fun that would be ! Pup wouldn't know what hit him, 3 friends to share his toys with ! hmmmm.


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