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My husband and I , with our dog, Tate, moved to Buenos Aires.. Life has never been the same since ~ Back in the USA ... life is still not the same !
It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new.
But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful.
There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power.
Alan Cohen
"Outside of a dog, a book is a man's best friend.
Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."
Groucho Marx
The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cool green shade

Ahhhh, shady trees.
Cool shade?
Looks cool doesn't it ? Nice and shady and cool and green.
Well, it isn't. It is hot. Scorching hot.
The birds are lying on the ground panting .. not really.
I was lying on the ground panting ! .... not really.
Pup just looked at me in dismay and said, OK, let's go home now, it is too hot.
So he is now lying on the floor with the A/C blasting and he is content and so am I.
We will be out sometime in March maybe.

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Anonymous said...

You can't go out because it is so hot and I couldn't take my walk because it is so cold and windy! Had to ride to the next town to get a cab from the train and fell on a man who wouldn't let me out of my seat until the last minute. Mt V.

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