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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas in Buenos Aires

First of all, let me just say this and get it out of my system then we won't have to hear about it for at least , oh, an hour or so.
It is So Hot !!!!
How hot? Pup had to have cool wet towels to cool off after a walk to the park and back.
Hell is cooler, I am sure of it. But not as pretty , so I will choose Buenos Aires if some wise guy ( or a guy with horns or something) gives me a choice. But if I had other choices.. well.. Paris or NY sound good, snow or not. Actually , snow sounds like Heaven .. so if a guy with wings gives me a choice, I am going with him.

Now back to Christmas.
It was lovely. I have still not adjusted to Christmas in the Summer, not having a tree and not being bombarded with Christmas shopping commercials on the telly. Christmas is very low key in the stores, it might not seem so to the locals but to me, it is a refreshing aspect of living down here. You are not bombarded with Everything Christmas ( consumer-wise) from Thanksgiving until December 25th.

So the shops have a minimum of decorations, the music is more times than not Tango or something classical and everyone is more interested in getting out of town for the holidays and enjoying Summer Vacation ! Yay ! schools out, let's head to the Beach/Mountains/Country side.

So here we are , everything is quiet, there are less crowds, easy to grab a taxi, if only one wants to venture out into the heat, the city is there waiting for you.
I took a few photos on Christmas morning, our "child" was happy with his gifts,

And we were very happy with ours, I am always the lucky one, I married a Major Good Gift Giver.
Don't tell him I mentioned it, he is modest, but let me tell you, just between us ... the man is brilliant in his gift ideas and giving.
I used to be much better but find it difficult to shop here, where exchanges are difficult, money back is unheard of and sizing varies from piece to piece, you don't dare assume it will fit.
Lucky me, I wear the same size jewelry as always ..
Everyone was happy, we are still celebrating in our own way and although I feel like a vampire, only coming out at night, it is a very pleasant place to be during Christmas.


  1. I liked the picture of the reindeer with the soggy looking antlers!

  2. Dear (?),

    We have lived and worked in the tropics for three years, right on the equator in Indonesia and we LOVED Christmas there! So lush and green, so uplifting. It is hard for us to even get through the mild winter of Georgia, right in the heart of it.
    So you're lucky! Do you have air-conditioning? That of course makes all the difference as it foremost does de-humidify the air!
    Wish you a nice year's ending and a Happy New Year!
    By the way, our birth country's crown Prince married an Argentinian wife; she's now Princess Máxima!

    Mariette's Back to Basics

  3. If we did not have a/c, I think I would have been gone during our first summer here ! It is easy for me to stay pale and unfreckled here, I hide in my air-conditioned rooms until night or winter arrives :)
    Yes, Máxima Zorreguieta, her father is from some sort of Basque/Spanish nobility, right? Beautiful girl.
    See how much we have in common ! :)

  4. Merry Christmas, mon amie! I'm glad to hear that, despite the heat, Christmas sparkled and you and the genius gift giver and pup made the most of your happy, unique day. Sounds like you have your own little piece of heaven... even if temperature-wise, it's more like hell! (Here in Paris,I will celebrate temps near 40 (40!!) by Velib'ing - can't wait!)

  5. making me smile love the dog with the towel
    so hot sorrryyyyyy Fay xxxx


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