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Alan Cohen
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas.
It was 97º here today. On Christmas.
No one was out in the streets, there were no cars, everyone had already left town.
The birds were lying on the ground panting .. the dog begged us to let him stay inside with the A/C .. after he opened his presents and found that bone waiting for him, it was all we could do to keep him from carrying it with him when we walked him tonight.
That is one happy dog. Little bits of rawhide stuck in his ears, his nose has a white ring around it, he is panting from the non-stop 12 hours of chewing.. yeah, a happy Pup.

We were not so unhappy ourselves. We got to iChat with the kiddies, get emails from friends and family far and wide .. ( no,the family isn't wide but I guess the whole world is wide?) .. anyway- it was a good Christmas .

Next year I would prefer to spend it back in the US, even if it means being cold, snowed in etc.
At least that is Christmas-y.
And there are children around that will entertain their old parents who came from so far to see them .. ( this is that Hallmark card that plays in my head every holiday).

I hope your holidays have been good, trouble free ( there is no such thing but I still wish it for you) and that Santa was good to you.
I have a friend that says that she never relies on Santa for the Good Stuff so she goes shopping for herself and always has the best jewelry after Christmas ! ( a helpful tip if anyone needs it)
Luckily, I have a Santa who manages very well in the gift buying department.
I don't know how I got so lucky .

Wishing you a continued Safe and Happy Holiday- be careful, there are always idiots out on the road and the weather is expected to be unpleasant somewhere ..
Stay warm ! Send cold air South, please.
Thank you.

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