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Monday, November 29, 2010

Todays Guest Poster- Pup

Mom said I could blog again.
I like blogging.
I also like sniffing things and laying in the dirt in the park. Mom hates that.
Today Mom and Dad went shopping. They made me stay home.
Mom said that the people in the stores don't understand what a Good Boy I am .
That is OK.. I took a nap on Moms side of the bed.
Tonight Dad says we will go buy ice cream and I can come too.
I won't sleep on his side of the bed.
It is getting hot and Mom and Dad are talking about renting a car and driving somewhere.
I will get to stick my head out the window. I don't care where we go.
I wonder if there is anyone there who will know me. I miss my Boy.
Mom is calling. Bye.


  1. You are such a fun Pup. I have no idea why those people in the stores don't insist you come in!

  2. Oh Pup... in Paris they would have let you in... Dolce was quite disappointed to find out that hairyBabies even have water served to them in glasses at certain restaurants ... he is "barking" to come along next year...

  3. Anony, there are people here who would take him home with them but won't let him in a store ... go figure.

    HHL .. they do give Pup water at all cafes .. I have had waiters ask if he wanted something to eat lol ...

    He got spoiled in Oregon where he was allowed Anywhere and Everywhere .. Nordstroms was his favorite .. or so he said.

  4. My pup blogs via his iPhone.

    He drives me nuts ... I ain't lettin' him behind the wheel of my car again!!!


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