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Alan Cohen
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Groucho Marx
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Friday, November 12, 2010

TGIF again ...

I am happy that I am almost completely well . Whatever day it is !
We had a great day of laughing , talking and visiting and most importantly, eating, with friends who have moved here and are all settled into their new home. ( a home which I covet but we won't discuss that ...
You can imagine why ... if this is the lobby and staircase...)

After a long lunch with plenty of chatting and laughing, we hurried home to a hungry Pup, then off to walk him and see if we could find the mythical bakery in Buenos Aires ( we read it in the newspaper-would they lie?) .. where croissants can be found. Real Croissants, not medialunas, the little crescent rolls soaked in honey and while sweet and tasty, are not the flaky buttery croissant that Some of us crave, dream of and search far and wide for ... well, at least they walk far for.
And poor Pup came along for what was supposed to be about 7 or 8 blocks and turned into miles. Pobrecito ! His feet were as tired as mine and he has 2 extras !
We both collapsed when we got home and being So tired and Still recovering, the only thing to do for dinner was to order Indian food to be delivered.. then eaten .. then we had to wait until our mouths quit burning ..

So that was Friday .. the weekend looks good. I have no earthly idea what we are doing. Let it be a surprise !


  1. What a dream staircase. Sigh...

    I love that you went on an adventure in search of Croissants. Did you find them? I hope you do - I am sure the owner would be pleased to know you made such an effort.

  2. Well, moi aussi, I await the Croissant caper results.

    So glad you are healthy again. Saludos,


  3. PurestGreen, Marnie, They told us they had no croissants, that they never have croissants, mon dieu, are we mad ?
    So we trudged home empty handed.


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