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Monday, November 8, 2010

Rainy Day Thoughts on Blogging

It might have crossed someone's mind once or twice that I and my family and dog have odd names.
The Husband, Pup and aBroad ... not the ordinary names of anyones next door neighbor, I will guess.
Ha! you think our names are odd ? I know Vodkamom, anymommy and God I Love Paris !

I enjoy Blogging and I love sharing stories about our lives , our adventure in living in a new land, a totally new lifestyle and everything else that is new .. language, geography, food and so on.

But we also enjoy Privacy.
I took a big chance and showed photos of Pup on my blog.
He was not crazy about it at first, he thought everyone would know him and come up to him and pet him and he would be even more recognizable. But then after thinking about it, he realized that this happens anyway.

But his Mom and Dad have a liking for privacy, therefore there will be no photos or names used.
This , I have learned is the usual in many Blogs and there is an Etiquette in Blogging.
I think I go overboard sometimes, checking with people to be sure This is OK and Do You Mind? but I prefer that, to just posting anything I wish and not caring or thinking someone might be uncomfortable with it.
It being an invasion of privacy mostly.
I never have and never will post any personal photos of friends or people I know.. unless given express permission..
Unless they are movie stars , then they are fair game. But I doubt this is gonna happen.

I like it that people are (mostly) so respectful of each other in this Blog World.
It is a warm, welcoming and friendly place.. and reading Blogs from all over the world can open a persons eyes to so much !

But there always needs to be that little voice in the back of that Bloggers head that whispers now and then .. No, don't post that photo , you didn't ask if it was alright. No! you know they don't want their children on the internet !


  1. My dog Sym (of which I am the 'daddy', but not the 'father') is a publicity lover.

    His picture has been posted on a number of occasions and he has been recognised at least six or seven times.

    He loves it!

    So do I, but I've never been recognised by anyone!

  2. I would know that gorgeous chocolate brown poodle with or without his "supercoat"!!!!! but you are right, there is a problem with people failing to recognize that sharing some information is not an invitation to violate personal privacy standards. Aretha was right...respect.

  3. Sym ... I know what you mean, no one would know me if I were not walking with Pup.
    Anony, exactly ..
    besos !


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