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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

More of the Japanese Gardens

In the Japanese Gardens, there is a Cultural Center, a restaurant , a greenhouse with a nice collection of Bonsai trees and a gift shop.

You can cross the lake by the Divine Bridge, leading to the island where medicinal herbs are grown. The lake is surrounded by traditional plantings and there are carp ( very large Koi) in the lake. There is a Japanese Peace Bell and traditional stone lanterns. A Buddhist Temple is on the grounds and they often host traditional Japanese holidays and events. Kodo drummers and traditional dance are two things that are big favorites.


  1. I should really stop looking at your photo's ... they only make me jealous.

  2. Gorgeous. Swooning for this! I love it when you do tours for us.


    P.S. Thought of you today - I found a cute little coffee cup with antlers in the bottom. I loved would hate it. Have a lovely day!

  3. I am so glad you like the photos !
    Don't be jealous, just come visit ..
    Thank you Leigha, I will be happy to guide you on more tours.
    Maybe we will go somewhere interesting tomorrow if it does not rain.
    Antlers? you mean there are antlers in cups now too !! lol

  4. Splendid! What a nice way to escape my cold rainy day.


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