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Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday - Look At This Blog !

Madonna del Piatto

She knows how to make pasta, believe me ! We eat plenty of pasta in this house and she has taught me things I never thought of trying .. I just wish I had better ingredients sometimes.
Somehow I bet if I were in Italy, I would make better pasta than I do now. But that might just be my imagination ..
So go look and see if you find something that you need to taste ... right away.
Tell me how you liked the blog and please tell me if you try a recipe !
Mangiare !!


  1. Thanks for the link!!! I absolutely ADORE pasta! In fact I prefer it to French food and practically live off of it! I'm now subscribed :)

  2. I love pasta but I never feel well after eating it so for me, pasta is a treat, once every couple months. :-)

    THIS looks like something I'd be willing to get sick for...


  3. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog, what an honor! I have always wanted to come to Argentina, it's high on my list.
    Congratulations for your lovely blog.


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