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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Dog, the Sky , the Porsche !

Today is Grooming Day otherwise known as Let's Torture the Dog Day.. that story - later!
Take a last look .. today all that hair comes off.
There will be this elegant Poodle boy under there, all light and frisky and smelling like a flower again.
I love the skies here, cloudy, clear, day or night. I especially like the sky when the Space ship, er, Library looks like it is just floating there, hovering over the trees.

Want to buy a Porsche?
I liked the car but what I wanted was the camera the photographer was using ... and the models shoes.. nice shoes.
I do not remember the name of these trees but they flower so beautifully.

One of the delights (for me) of living in South America is seeing plants and trees that are unfamiliar, always a bit of a mystery .
That and the skies. The sky here is always wonderful, whether it is a bright clear blue sky, much more clear and intense a blue than the skies that I remember back in the US .. the stormy skies are more dramatic, the sunsets are intense and breathtaking .. I am sure a lot of it has to do with being in a much cleaner environment, air quality-wise .. and after all, we are close ( in a manner of speaking) to the South Pole ! You should see the stars at night ! You can reach out and touch them ... really !


  1. I think those are ceibos, the red flower is the national flower of Argentina. I haven't seen one in years...too many to count. I didn't even remember you could find them in Recoleta!

  2. Yes ! thank you ~ This is in the park on Libertador, by the Gen Mitre Statue, near the British Embassy .. by the big staircase.

  3. Okay, you can have the camera and the shoes. I'll take the Porsche. Deal?

  4. Oh my friend your post today .. has me wanting hubby to agree celebrating New Years in Argentina this year...Good luck Pup can't wait to see you in all your dogginess!! HHL


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