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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Sunday in San Telmo

Walking down the street, crowds of people selling everything under the sun, crowds of people shopping, eating ... turn a corner, ahhhh, a quiet street, a few people about ... a church and then... what is that I hear ?

The cinematographer needs practice but you get the idea, yes?


Pearl said...

All those strings! All those accordions! Or were those concertinas? :-) Either way, this is what I think of when I this of Buenos Aires!


Anonymous said...

That's nice! Isn't it lovely to be in a place where when you get a surprise on the street, it is something wonderful?

a Broad said...

Pearl, they are Bandoneón ( a type of concertina ) ...
When we walk Pup in the park there is almost always someone with a violin or bandoneón, just playing music or singing. They love music here .. you hear it everywhere.. ( a good subject for a blog :)

Anony, yes, that feeling of a delight waiting around the next corner or on the next street is lovely ..

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