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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Lungs of the city

It is wonderful to live in the City, any city and be close to parks and trees.
Buenos Aires has this set of parks that runs along through some of the neighborhoods, they are referred to as the Lungs of the city.
There are parks that are small and hidden and charming all over the city and then there are these great expanses of green, grass, lakes, trees of all kinds and sizes with statues and fountains and monuments . There are Sports clubs, a Planetarium , a Zoo and Japanese Gardens and Botanical Gardens.
There is the Parque Tres de Febrero, which was inspired by the Bosques de Boulogne in Paris . Trees, grass, green... lovely green.
Always there are spots for people to lie in the sun, sit on a bench, rest in chairs and have picnics on blankets.
Dogs are allowed in most of them, bike riders, skate boarders, roller skaters and babies in carriages, you will see them all.
Today was sunny for a while, warm-ish and a Saturday. A perfect recipe for what is needed to fill the parks with people and pups and babies.


  1. Lovely. We live in a city with a lot of parks as well - though they are bare and soggy this time of year - and it is a true pleasure.

  2. It is, isn't it ? With a large dog it is even better ! :)
    (Can you imagine Pup , running around with your Horse/Pup?)


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