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Friday, October 22, 2010

Almost Jacaranda Time !

Remember this tree ? I had no idea what kind of tree it was, I just loved the golden berries.
Today we were walking to the park with Pup and the air was heavy with the scent of perfume ! I looked up and there was the tree but now it looks like this

This is not a Jacaranda but a Paraiso tree .. just beginning to flower.
I thought it was a Jacaranda, but my friend here in BA, has corrected my mistake.. But soon, everywhere you look, there will also be the wonderful Jacaranda trees, covered in tiny purple flowers, scenting the city.

It is a good time to visit !
Next time I promise to get a photo of the right kind of tree ~


MyriamC said...

I agree, once they are in full bloom the jacaranda trees are beautiful. We saw hundreds of them in southern Portugal in June of this year, still in full bloom. Magical, since I had never seen one before.

a Broad said...

Mym, there is one park that is lined with Jacarandas ! just a long row of them and you can smell it far away.. it is quite beautiful.

kealalani said...

Oh how I adore those purpley blossoms cascading from above!

a Broad said...

kealalani, they smell good too !

Beatrice M said...

I love these trees and have a post about the "China Berries" on my Buenos Aires tree blog. I was walking around a couple of nights ago and smelled the flowers as they had fallen down to the ground. They smell something like Jasmin, but not quite.

a Broad said...

Beatrice ~ I just saw that post !
Thank you for commenting, good to see you :)
I was thinking when my Spanish is (much) better, I would love to take a class of some sort at the Botanical Gardens. Just so I would know what I am looking at ..

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